Riverwalk Quilters Guild

This week I gave a lecture and taught a workshop making Fiesta Ornaments at the Riverwalk Quilters Guild. The weather was lousy but the spirits were high.

riverwalk1 Riverwalk Quilters Guildriverwalk2 Riverwalk Quilters GuildA wonderful adventurous group willing to move out of their comfort zone painting and sewing metal.
riverwalk3 Riverwalk Quilters GuildBeautiful ornaments were made by all.
ornaments Riverwalk Quilters Guild

4 Responses to “Riverwalk Quilters Guild”

  1. Plain Jane says:

    Oh, I love those metal ornaments…Glad it was a good workshop, since you risked your life to get there!

  2. Thanks Judy! I had a great time. I will paint again…

  3. goatgoddess says:

    how beautiful – looks like a fun class!

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