Rubber Stamps

The other day Dick Blick had a whole display of linoleum blocks and rubber carving blocks. So I had to buy a few of each to play with. I thought I should start easy and carve the softer material first. What the package says is true “cuts like butter”, it is so easy to carve, but I am not sure it would hold up to much abuse since it is so soft. Time will tell. Very fun though.

5 Responses to “Rubber Stamps”

  1. You will love these – great carving, Judy! On the ones that I don’t mount on anything, I’ve carved on the opposite side, too. They’ll stand up to lots of use –

  2. Cute creatures — they remind me of the book “Fish is Fish.”

  3. Frieda says:

    These are way cool, you are too crafty!

  4. zquilts says:

    Thanks for posting this…I have been hemming and hawing about trying that stuff – now I will order some !

  5. Ro Bruhn says:

    Great stamps, I also carve them out of erasers. Just found your blog after visiting Deb, love your work

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