Scenes from Northern California

Bodega Bay

Tide pool creatures

Fruit trees on a friends property in Sonoma County

Lichen only grows where the air is clean.

Boating with friends on Folsom Lake

Cactus fruit

6 Responses to “Scenes from Northern California”

  1. Frieda says:

    What beautiful pictures, I am envious as we sit here in rain.

  2. Laura says:

    Beautiful photos! You must be having a great time.

  3. OOoh those pool creatures in particular are gorgeous, Judy.

  4. Helen Cowans says:

    Judy those sea creatures look like the start of a quilt! Love the colour of the cactus. Helen

  5. kathy york says:

    how did you get photos of the tidal pool critters?


  6. Granny Fran says:

    I hope we will see quilts based on the tide pool gorgeous creatures and the cactus fruits.

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