Start a Conversation

Wanting to share a little Valentine’s Day love, I decided to sew up some conversation hearts for the special people in my life.

I stamped endearments on felt and cut a paper heart to use as a template for cutting them out.

Each heart was stuffed with a smaller heart of wool batting and stitched with floss or pearl cotton.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


8 Responses to “Start a Conversation”

  1. Bee says:

    Very Cute!! Thanks for sharing! I like that it is lo-cal. : )

  2. Quilt Rat says:

    Great idea……….how terrific these would be to find tucked here and there….one in a packed lunch, tucked into a pocket, or purse…just something for a favourite person to “find” unexpectedly. I think this could definitley brighten ones day!

  3. cindy shake says:

    OH HOW CUTE! I was wondering how you did the words when I saw the photo! Very clever and what a good little treat :o)

  4. Jeri says:

    Adorable! Just like you! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  5. I’m still having a Valentine’s hangover and I’m loving all of your work. I love the way you sewed these little hearts. They’re all cute. I think it’s absolutely a perfect present for special people in your life. Hope you had a fantastic Valentines. 🙂

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