Beautiful student work following my workshop in Atlanta

I just received a wonderful email from Marty Young, who was a student in my Mixed Media Painted Fabric workshop in Atlanta. Look at the fabulous project she made using her fabric.

Marty says “I made an apron for my loyal guild library assistant …using the mixed media fabric for applique and fusing and machine stitching it onto a pre-made denim one…beading the butterfly was a little tough (the denim was thick also)….but all sorts of new ideas have flooded my brain for future projects.”

I am thrilled when I see students who take work to the next level and make it uniquely their own. Bravo Marty!

3 Responses to “Beautiful student work following my workshop in Atlanta”

  1. Kristin L says:

    Yea Marty for making such a unique and wonderful gift — and yea YOU for giving her the tools and inspiration to create it!!

  2. SewAmy says:

    Oh Marty, this is adorable. GREAT work and creativity.

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