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A Day at the Antique Market

Yesterday Nina and I went to the Randolph Street Antiques Market, it was the last one of the year. These rolling pins made me think about Kelli Perkins. The joy of paint by number… When I was little I remember there was one of these Magic Brain Calculators at my grandmothers house. I thought it […]

A day at the Antique Market

This weekend my kids and I walked over to the Chicago Antique Market to have a look around. There are always so many things I see that I would love to have including this old tool box. The top three tiers open up for drill bits, but I could see filling those with colored pencils […]

Chicago Antique Market

Sunday, Nina and I walked down to the Chicago Antique Market, it takes place about 8 blocks from where we live on the last weekend of each month from April through September. This is the first weekend I have either been in town for it or did not forget to go and unfortunately it was […]

Chicago Antique Market

Today was the opening day of the Chicago Antique Market. We are lucky to be able to walk to it, about 5 blocks west of our loft. It’s the perfect weather today, about 70 and partly cloudy. I am glad we are still enjoying cool weather here, poor Northern California has had unnaturally hot weather, […]

Another Chicago Antique Market

Many years ago in Junior College I made posters for the campus events on a letterpress using type just like this. If only I appreciated using it then as much as I would now. My latest apron finds.I adore this little black and red one, so Spanish looking. It looks adorable on my daughter Nina […]

Chicago Antique Market

The last saturday of the month May through October the Chicago Antique Market takes place about 5 blocks west of us. Nina and I went and found some cool stuff. There was some awesome metal cabinetry. I would love to have this. One of these tin ceiling tile mirrors would look great in my downstairs […]