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A trip to McClelland Gallery and Sculpture Park

McClelland Sculpture Park

The day before setting up for AQC, Cecile and I took a trip out to the McClelland Gallery and Sculpture Park. It’s about a 45 minute drive from Melbourne and has a wonderful indoor gallery space, great restaurant and lovely ¬†grounds. The grounds for the sculpture garden were beautiful from a formal park like setting […]

Painted panel

My daughter Nina came across some discarded ceiling fan blades by the recycling bin on our building and brought them home, thinking they might be fun to paint. Before painting, the blades had to be sanded since they were painted most likely with oil based paint. Not having any transfer paper on hand, I made […]

New Houses

I just finished two more houses with a sea life theme.I always like to put something inside for the person who looks in the door. This one has open doors like I made on a few of the fiesta ornaments.This one has a flat decorative door.With a goldfish inside.Each one is different.If you are interested […]


This painting is 5″ x 10″ and will be used for a different project than the other little paintings. I will reveal more about them in a couple days. I was asked to contribute a postcard size quilt representative of my work for someones project. I spent most of my life living near the ocean […]

Painted Batting

I wrote an article for the upcoming December issue of Quilting Arts magazine on painted batting. The Warm Company wanted to do an ad tying in to the article and wanted to use some of my artwork for the ad. Unfortunately the only painted batting pieces I had were used in the article. I felt […]

Painting Fabric

This is my preliminary sketch for the piece that I will paint in Houston at Make it U’s open studios. After I get the pencil drawing worked out to my satisfaction, I draw over the lines with a fine point pen and then erase the pencil. It is very easy to see the lines through […]

The Cicada House

My inspiration for the theme of this house came from an experience I had this summer.The house is finished. It is 22 1/2″ tall, 9″ wide and 4″ deep.To construct it I made one inch wide strips with fusible web on the back. I used left over strips from my last painted project for the […]

Awesome Balloon Sculpture

Saturday afternoon we were coming back from the Origami Society meeting and saw these large creatures bouncing and jumping in the alley outside the NavtaSchulz gallery around the corner from our loft. They were having an opening for Jason Hackenwerth the creator of these fantastic balloon creatures. Inside we were greeted by this gaping sucker […]

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