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The Road to California

48 hours after I returned to Chicago from teaching in Houston (on election night), we moved out, closed on the sale of our loft, and were on the road driving west. It was cold, dark and raining, but it was such a wonderful feeling to finally close the chapter on a long period of ambiguity, not […]

Sacramento Living

I don’t usually think about chickens when I think of Sacramento, but my girlfriend Joanie has a veritable miniature farm in her beautiful back yard. Everything in her yard grows so beautifully, I have no hopes of ever attaining this kind of thing. I’m much better at painting plants than tending them, but I can […]

Northern California Farmers Market Love

I have been staying with my parents in Davis and a friend in Sacramento, really getting a feel for the area, since this is where I’ll be moving in the fall. Can you tell I am in love with the farmers markets? I love the amazing variety of fresh, ripe fruits and vegetables available in […]

A Trip to Hoffman Fabrics

After my long weekend in northern California, I flew south to meet up with my gal pals Leslie Jenison and Jamie Fingal to hang out for a day and tour Hoffman Fabrics before heading to Long Beach for festival. The surf culture influence was all around from bolts of Hawaiian print fabric to the warehouse walls lined […]

Northern California will always be home to me

I just got back to Chicago yesterday and am just getting to writing some blog posts, so please be patient for the Quilt Festival pics that will be coming in the next few days. Last friday I flew up to Sacramento to spend the weekend with my folks in Davis. Some of my favorite california […]

Bamboo bicycles: the new rage, who knew?

I posted this photo yesterday of a bamboo bike I saw in Davis and then this morning, what synchronicity, when I was reading the latest issue of Hand Eye magazine I see this article on bamboo bicycles! You can even take classes to build your own.

Davis, CA

I spent a week in Davis, California at my mom’s last week and loved the warm dry days, the cool mornings and fruit growing in the yard. I am in love with the produce section of the grocery stores there. People in CA, I hope you appreciate it! I get so frustrated by the lack […]

Salmon Creek, California

Believe it or not, this is where we used to live when I was a teenager. It’s 75 miles north of San Francisco on Highway 1. Three miles north of Bodega Bay (of Alfred Hitchcocks “The Birds” fame). I was thrilled to find this picture on the internet yesterday, the 500 square foot cinder block […]

Smokey skies

My daughter took these photos tonight at sunset. The fire in Burbank has spread across the hills unfortunately in this direction creating a lot of smoke. All the ash in the sky refracts the light and created a spectacular sunset.

I am going to miss my view

This is the view from our upper balcony in the canyon where we live in Los Angeles, California. In the two years that we have lived here we have seen deer, lots of hawks, owls, lots of lizards, two bobcats and we hear coyotes yapping and howling at night. There are mountain lions too, but […]

Off to Chicago

I have sold my house here in Los Angeles and am off to Chicago for 2 weeks to look for a house with a good studio space. I hope my husband stays with this ad agency for a LONG time, cause I can’t imagine a better place for an art quilter to live these days. […]