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The Fruits of Maine

Mackworth Island

Every time we are in Portland we go walking on this Island. There is a school for the deaf here and nothing else besides a lovely trail around the island. I think there must be a lot of iron in the rock giving it the most beautiful coloring.

Old Cemeteries

I love walking in old cemeteries, the stones are so beautiful. Making gravestones like these is truly a lost art. I always enjoy reading the names and dates on the stones and wonder what each persons life may have been like. You can imagine Patience would have been an appropriate name for a captains wife […]

More Inspiration

I love lichen!and beautiful colored bugs.The wild rose hips by the beach were as red as tomatoes.

Seaside Inspiration

Today we walked along a path through the marsh by the beach. There were so many pretty wildflowers and bugs. The tide was going out as we walked revealing all kinds of treasure.I love the shapes, colors and textures of the different kinds of seaweed and shells.

Headin down east

I am flying to Maine with the kids today. I will be staying with my sister in Portland. We used to go here all the time with my dad when we were little.We will make art, go to the beach,and eat yummy stuff like this.We also will be going to my dads house in Kittery […]