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I’m a proud Momma

  My son Ty has been published again. Last year he was hired by Time Out Chicago to design an origami cocktail ring from a ten dollar bill for the cover of their issue on cheap deals in the city. Last month they contacted him to do a feature in their kids issue. Over the […]

My sons a cover boy!

My son Ty has just made his first cover by designing an origami cocktail ring for TimeOut Chicago magazine. They even did a little feature of him on their blog.

Chicago Origami Society

A couple months ago a film crew showed up at the Origami Society Meeting my son Ty goes to. The film makers work for the city and usually film Mayor Daley’s activities, but since they were on a hiatus from the Mayor they were working on a few personal projects, including this one. It was […]

Nina has been busy!

My daughter Nina had a big order to make 50 of her Happy Monsters for Christmas. She has been sewing like a fiend, but has finished her order and sent them off to their new homes. They vary in size from 10-14 inches and are made from polar fleece and super soft fur.I want a […]

Nina’s Hearts

My daughter Nina has been making Sculpy hearts. They range in size from about 3/4″ across to 1 1/2″. I think they are so cool.

Ty is featured on the CRAFTzine blog today!

How cool is this?!!!

Ty’s interview on NPR

Ty was interviewed by an NPR reporter for a segment on the Eight Forty Eight Show here in Chicago about the Columbia College exhibit; It’s all in the fold. The origami segment was bumped in the schedule 2 times and finally aired today. You can see a photo of Ty holding a tiny crane on […]

Ty is featured in local paper

Pioneer News hit the newstands today in Chicago, and I have been told Ty has a full page photo on the cover of the newspaper. I have yet to see it myself, but you can see the article online here.

Ty’s Big Night- The Origami Opening

Ty’s opening at Columbia College was friday night. There was a great turn out, Ty thought the whole experience was pretty cool. Ty sold this large green frog at the opening. The standing dragon guy “the bahamut” was Ty’s ultimate challenge in origami. For a year or two he talked about wanting to make this […]

Nina’s Latest Work

Nina has delved into the world of painting. These are her first acrylic paintings on 5″ x 5″ canvases.She has taken some black and white vintage photos, manipulated them in photoshop and applied them to her canvas as a base to begin her painting. This is a great way to learn to paint. Several illustration […]

Tiny origami

Ty has been making these cards for the exhibit. It is a standard size business card, with a gelatin capsule glued to it containing an origami crane that was folded from a one centimeter sheet of paper. There is a sample of the one centimeter paper at the top.Believe it or not this crane is […]

IQF Silent Auction

This is going to be this years contribution to the silent auction in Houston. I started painting this at the Quilting Arts virtual studios during the IQA Chicago show.I pulled it out yesterday and started the quilting by outlining all the images. After quilting all of the black area I will trim it and finish […]

My Sons First Exhibit

My 13 year old son Ty is going to be in his first exhibit at Columbia College Book & Paper arts gallery in Chicago this month. He is passionate about origami, he has been doing it since he was 4 years old. At that time I taught him to fold a crane and a water […]


Yesterday we made wool felt needlecases for when we take our sewing on the go. This one is mine.And this one is Nina’s for the ultimate in goth crafting.

Homeschool Teen Craft Fair

This week I have been helping my kids do the last minute preparations for the teen craft fair this friday. They have been in high production mode and want to make some cash! Ty is selling Origami ornaments. Primarily these sonobe modules and also oragami raindeer. Indigo has created a line of stuffed monster dolls […]

Nina’s new photography blog

I finally convinced my daugher to create a blog of her photography. She is so good. You can see her work here.

Abby Poo bags designed by Nina

My daughter Nina presented me with her new product design, a personalized doggie doo bag dispenser for Abby, (shown holding the prototype at right). I am amazed at how professional her mock up is, and her illustration of Abby is so cute. One more thing for her portfolio, at the rate she is going, she […]

200 Origami Butterflies

My son was hired by Chuck over at Aiko’s Art Materials, a japanese paper store here in Chicago, to fold 200 origami butterflies. Chuck is going to attach them to his business cards and hand them out at a scientific illustrators convention. Ty folded all these butterflies in four weeks from two sided origami paper […]

My kids first quilts

This is my son Ty’s first quilt. He made it last year when he was eleven. I designed it and he chose all the fabrics, cut out each piece and fused it in place. I helped with the fusible seam tape because I did not want him to burn his fingers. He quilted along each […]

Ty’s Origami

My 12 year old son loves to do origami. He has been doing it since he was 4, I want him to make a blog so he can show all of the things he makes, but so far I can’t convince him. So I thought I would showcase some of his work on my blog […]