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Paper and Paint

My daughter Nina gave me a lovely sketch/scrap book made with banana fiber pages. I love the speckled natural color of the paper. I really want to spend more time drawing, I used to be really good about keeping sketchbooks. Funny how once kids came into the picture, that sort of slipped away. I want to get […]

Looks like Oprah’s back

I looked off the balcony just now to see what the noise was and noticed the O show obviously has started taping the new season. These are all the happy audience members grabbing cabs after the show. You can see by the price on the parking lot sign across the street why many take cabs. […]

Mmmm, smell that BBQ?

7 am8:30 amDaisy May’s BBQ, put a lot of meat in to smoke last night. I chatted with these guys at 9 pm when I returned from picking up my laptop from Apple, it needed its graphic card replaced. They opened the doors to the smoker and showed me rack after rack of ribs, shoulders […]

A peaceful invitation to Oprah from

I woke up to a peaceful gathering of around Harpo studios at 5:30 this morning. They were here yesterday afternoon singing trying to get Oprah’s attention. Their cause is to stop the war in Uganda and rescue the child soldiers and get the government to write policy to end the war. You can follow […]

Living next to Oprah

I live next to Harpo studios in Chicago, generally it is fairly quiet around here with the occasional squeals of excited woman in brightly colored clothing. This week there were a couple of groups trying to get Oprah’s attention. On tuesday evening when it was chilly and damp there was a spontaneous concert on the […]

Oprah meets her neighbors repeat

I just saw a commercial for the “Oprah meets her neighbors” episode taped last May (2007). It is going to be shown on Wednesday. Our neighbors down the hall had a party that Oprah came to and was featured on that episode. The second half of the show features the balcony renovations in the building […]

Oprah Live

This morning was the taping of the show. It aired live in Chicago so I have not seen the show yet. I will have to wait until 11 pm tonight to see it. During the taping they showed the previously recorded footage of the party and the landscaped balconies on a big screen, so I […]

Oprah meets her neighbors

Will air live tomorrow (thursday). My neighbors and I are supposed to get in line with the general audience tomorrow at 7 am for the 9 am show. I will let you know what it was like after the show.

What a party!

Where does one begin except with the sad note that NO CAMERAS were allowed! So I will just have to tell you all about it. Okay, I have to add pictures, because I can’t stand to not have pictures on my blog, they just won’t be my pictures. First off I decided not to wear […]

Oprah meets her neighbors

Easter weekend, some people from Oprah’s studios across the street stopped me in my lobby. They said that Oprah wanted to meet her neighbors and that it would be featured on the following Thursdays show. They interviewed several people in our building, including me, and walked through our units with cameras filming. Our place is […]

Auditions with Oprah

I woke up this morning to the sound of a saxophone playing in the distance and remembered that today is the day Oprah is having auditions at her studio for a new show called The Big Give, a pay it forward challenge. This is what I see when I look off my balcony, I live […]