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To Dye for Treasures at the Antique Faire

Recently my daughter Indigo and I had so much fun at the Sacramento Antique Faire, where fell in love with this box that originally stored tins of dye. I wish I could have bought it, but at $160 it was out of my non essentials budget. Printed on the inside of the door was this […]

Sacramento Living

I don’t usually think about chickens when I think of Sacramento, but my girlfriend Joanie has a veritable miniature farm in her beautiful back yard. Everything in her yard grows so beautifully, I have no hopes of ever attaining this kind of thing. I’m much better at painting plants than tending them, but I can […]

Northern California Farmers Market Love

I have been staying with my parents in Davis and a friend in Sacramento, really getting a feel for the area, since this is where I’ll be moving in the fall. Can you tell I am in love with the farmers markets? I love the amazing variety of fresh, ripe fruits and vegetables available in […]