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The Janome free motion quilting foot

I bought the new free motion quilting foot for my Janome 6600 sewing machine while I was making this quilt. What prompted me to buy this new foot was some bobbin tension problems I was having with my machine. I was using one of my favorite bobbin threads, Superior Bottom Line, and I think it […]


I made this tote from some collaged and painted fabric that I made. It is the same technique I used for making the fabric for the houses. There will be an article on making this fabric in the April/May Cloth Paper Scissors.

New Houses

I just finished two more houses with a sea life theme.I always like to put something inside for the person who looks in the door. This one has open doors like I made on a few of the fiesta ornaments.This one has a flat decorative door.With a goldfish inside.Each one is different.If you are interested […]

The first Cute skirt

This is the first Cute Skirt I made.The one I said was poofy in the back. I thought about reworking the skirt by ripping out all those stitched and zig zagged seams, But the thought of all that ripping and reworking waistbands was more work than I wanted to do. So I ripped open the […]

The cutest Cute Skirt

I adore this skirt. It is from the Cute Skirts pattern and made with Heather Bailey‘s gorgeous fabric. I made a Cute skirt before this one. I haven’t posted a picture of it because I was not happy with the fit. I made the size according to my waist and hip measurements on the package. […]

The first skirt

This is the Emily skirt, and the great fabric came from Sew Mama Sew.This is a fairly easy pattern. The pleats worked out great with this particular print. I was able to get the stripe to fall right into the pleat. The one change I will make the next time I make this skirt is […]


I can’t believe how many beautiful fabrics there are on the market now.It makes me want to sew *gasp* skirts!I learned to sew in high school from Ms. Issel the best home-ec teacher ever. In my senior year I spent five of my seven periods a day in either a home-ec class or the art […]


My sister Deb went home yesterday, after three weeks. It was a very therapeutic visit because we mourned for our Dads passing, made art, shopped for cool new art supplies, went to the Art Institute and hit some good restaurants. Our last project together was to make “grammy” aprons. I bought this fabric from Purl […]