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Sweater #2

Success, I have actually knit a sweater that fits and looks good. Oh, I forgot to say this is the Penelope blouse from Oat Couture.

Handmade book

I went to Papersource in Lincoln Park last week and bought precut book board and bound paper in a little packaged set, a roll of binding tape, bookbinding paste, several sheets of gorgeous paper and a new bone folder, my old one is probably still packed away in some box. It sort of felt like […]


I bought some lutradur to play with. This is a polyester fiber that is kind of like interfacing but not. It is fibrous like fiberglass looks, but it is pliable and you can do almost anything with it. It takes paint beautifully. you can cut it up, collage on it and sew on it by […]

Knit top

I just finished knitting and blocking this top. It is rayon and acrylic yarn so it is nice and drapey, Unfortunately my gauge was off and it is way to big and fits me like a sack. Fortunately for my sister it fits her perfectly. So Deb just had Christmas in May. When I bought […]

Tin Quiltlets

I am having a lot of fun making these little painted quiltlets. Each of them are 4″ x 5″ with a painted top and an embossed metal piece machine stiched into place with beads to hold down the corners. I have three more that I will post after I sew the beads and hanging ribbons […]

Nick Cave Soundsuits

On mothers day my sister, mother, step dad, my son and I went to see an exhibit at the Chicago Cultural Center of Nick Caves Soundsuits. These are absolutely amazing. They are a rich collage of all kinds of handwork; knitting, crochet, sequins, embroidery, feathers, sticks, hair you name it, sewn together to make these […]

Goddess Icon

I have always loved religious iconographic art. For several years I have been thinking about creating my own little version of an icon. I like the idea of making an image of a Goddess in a tradional Christian iconographic style. I think Mary is the embodiment of the Great Mother. So this is an image […]

Deb of Artella

This is my sister who I am picking up at the airport today. She is going to stay with me for two weeks. Lets hope she behaves and doesn’t embarrass me too much. Being the big sister she seems to take particular delight in doing that.

Anime Convention

Just one month ago I was at this same hotel and convention center for the IQF Chicago quilt show. What a difference this show was. The cosplay (dressing up as anime/manga or video game characters) made for some great people watching. I recognized only a few characters, my kids recognized all of them. Nina and […]

PAQA Water Challenge

Frieda has organized a water challenge for PAQA that is due next wednesday. I feel like I am getting the energy and drive to work on some art again. Four weeks on Thyroid hormones sure makes a differnce even my head feels clearer. Last week I bought this gorgeous piece of silk that shines blue […]

Americans all but on paper

Yesterday there were Immigrant demonstrations in our Chicago neighborhood. My neighbor told me they estimated 400,000 people marched. As they marched down Randolph street they chanted “U.S.A., U.S.A….” then when they got to Harpo studios next door they switched to “Oprah, Oprah, Oprah…”