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Another break for pottery

I had to take a break from quilting, my upper back turned into a big cramp, So i have backed way off on the hours at the machine and have been knitting and going to the Illinois Homeschool Conference with the kids. So I will show some of my pottery to keep things somewhat intersting. […]

A curtain to hide the clutter

I made this curtain yesterday to block the view of flat files and shelving as you enter our loft. The curtain is a long strip cut from a bolt of buckram that my mother in law gave me a few years ago. The cloth is fairly sheer, so I drew the design on two layers […]

Happy Valentines Day!

Quilting So Far

I have outline quilted all the animals, tree, leaves and pomegranates. Now I am beginning to quilt the black background. The black on black quilting is very easy to see on the quilt but unfortunately it does not photograph well. So I am posting a small picture of how the quilt looks in reality and […]

Knit Arm Warmers

Yesterday my baby turned 17! And I gave her the goth insprired arm warmers I made. Perfect considerering it is 2°F right now and she is wearing a short sleeve t-shirt. I refuse to leave the house for the next several days, not until the temperature gets up to at least 10°F! I have never […]

Design and Painting Process

I started this piece with the idea of making a Mexican tree of life quilt. I knew it should be bright, colorful and graphic in style. For several weeks I carried my sketchbook with me as I went about our home schooling classes and activities and when I had some time I sat and drew […]