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Blogher conference 2007

The Blogher conference was great. I learned so much. I wish there was more of a craft/art contingent there. We were pretty outnumbered by the mommy bloggers. I had no idea there was such a huge community. I kept thinking where are all those knitters, quilters and crafters that fill the blogosphere that I know? […]

Ty’s Big Night- The Origami Opening

Ty’s opening at Columbia College was friday night. There was a great turn out, Ty thought the whole experience was pretty cool. Ty sold this large green frog at the opening. The standing dragon guy “the bahamut” was Ty’s ultimate challenge in origami. For a year or two he talked about wanting to make this […]

Painted Bag

I have had this black book bag for several years. Today it looked like it needed painting. I painted it with metallic textile paints, the only thing you can paint on black that will show up with out a lot of extra work. It is difficult to photograph, the metallic paint reflects the light from […]

Nina’s Latest Work

Nina has delved into the world of painting. These are her first acrylic paintings on 5″ x 5″ canvases.She has taken some black and white vintage photos, manipulated them in photoshop and applied them to her canvas as a base to begin her painting. This is a great way to learn to paint. Several illustration […]

Tiny origami

Ty has been making these cards for the exhibit. It is a standard size business card, with a gelatin capsule glued to it containing an origami crane that was folded from a one centimeter sheet of paper. There is a sample of the one centimeter paper at the top.Believe it or not this crane is […]

IQA Auction Quilt done

This is my finished donation. It is 15″ square. I still have to sew on the sleeve and make a label. I also have to decide what to call it.


Vicky aka stichr asked…Once again I was curious what paints you use, so went clicking on your side bar…ta da…the info I was curious about….now a question…What paint brushes do you use? And do you use other things, like pencil erasers, for dots and other details? Vicky,I only use brushes when I paint, I find […]

IQF Silent Auction

This is going to be this years contribution to the silent auction in Houston. I started painting this at the Quilting Arts virtual studios during the IQA Chicago show.I pulled it out yesterday and started the quilting by outlining all the images. After quilting all of the black area I will trim it and finish […]

Blogher Conference

Last week on one of the blogs I frequent I saw a post about the Blogher conference that is going to be here in Chicago. It looks like a great line up of sessions for women who blog. They have all sorts of topics like: getting custom: what web designers know (don’t we all want […]

My Sons First Exhibit

My 13 year old son Ty is going to be in his first exhibit at Columbia College Book & Paper arts gallery in Chicago this month. He is passionate about origami, he has been doing it since he was 4 years old. At that time I taught him to fold a crane and a water […]

The first Cute skirt

This is the first Cute Skirt I made.The one I said was poofy in the back. I thought about reworking the skirt by ripping out all those stitched and zig zagged seams, But the thought of all that ripping and reworking waistbands was more work than I wanted to do. So I ripped open the […]

The batting thief

Often when I am making a quilt and there is batting exposed I feel a tug from the other side of the table and see a fast moving object go by trailing white fuzz. Other times I might be working on a quilt related project and have pieces of wool batting laying around in places […]

My sister memed me: 7 things that rock

making art of any kind new art supplies to play with sisters and good friends who also get excited about making art the blogosphere (more art, craft, knitting, & friends) having a really great book to read or listen to while making art scrumptious yarn and a new knitting project warm oatmeal scones with dried […]

The cutest Cute Skirt

I adore this skirt. It is from the Cute Skirts pattern and made with Heather Bailey‘s gorgeous fabric. I made a Cute skirt before this one. I haven’t posted a picture of it because I was not happy with the fit. I made the size according to my waist and hip measurements on the package. […]

Open house in CPS

My Open House book is in Cloth Paper Scissors this month in the mixed media accordion book challenge “It’s Home Grown” article. This is a great issue. I loved seeing Juju Vail’s board book that she had just showed a glimpse of on her blog. Reading Anna Maria Horner’s artist profile was fun. Kelli Perkins […]

The first skirt

This is the Emily skirt, and the great fabric came from Sew Mama Sew.This is a fairly easy pattern. The pleats worked out great with this particular print. I was able to get the stripe to fall right into the pleat. The one change I will make the next time I make this skirt is […]

Another Chicago Antique Market

Many years ago in Junior College I made posters for the campus events on a letterpress using type just like this. If only I appreciated using it then as much as I would now. My latest apron finds.I adore this little black and red one, so Spanish looking. It looks adorable on my daughter Nina […]