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I’m a cover girl!

Wow, my first cover! This is the issue that has the first of a two part project on making these houses. This article explains the painting process for making the collaged and painted fabric. I love how they added the birds and nests for the photo, so cute!

The Artful Use of Tea Bags

This is my method for drawing on a tea bag. 1. After steeping your tea, set tea bag on the counter to dry and enjoy that fabulous warm cuppa tea with a dash of cream. 2. When tea bag is completely dry (not damp) carefully remove the staple, unfold top of bag and shake out […]

Rice Pillow

Going through the blog roll last night I came across a quick project that appealed to my senses right away. A rice pillow that you can put in the microwave a couple minutes and drape over your neck, great for those sore neck muscles after hours at the sewing machine! I had made one of […]

Coming to a show near you…

Several of my big quilts will be going to a few quilt shows this year as part of a special exhibit with the Chicago School of Fusing. The first show Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival XIX is coming up this week, February 21 – 24, followed by an exhibit at Denver National Quilt Festival III May 1-4, […]

Mixed Media Paper Quilt #3

I started this one by collaging a nine patch of colored papers to fabric. I played around with a few options for layering other papers on it but didn’t like anything that I tried, but I did like the way some white rice paper looked when I put it on top. Using a fine point […]

Mixed Media Paper Quilt #2

Last night I made this paper/fabric quilt. I used some decorative paper for the flowers, pages from an old book for the leaves, inkjet prints of my little paintings (egg, sprout & bee), a dress pattern, a collaged xeroxed piece of fabric (root) and textile paint. This piece was stitched first and then fused to […]

Knitted Hand Warmers

For when it is not completely freezing outside or when your kind of cold inside.Nina always has cold hands inside, especially when she is sitting at the computer too long. I made her these hand warmers out of Knitpicks Shine Worsted. They are soft pima cotton, she always feels itchy with wool, even merino. She […]

Tired? get your B12 checked

Who knew a little B12 could make a person feel so good. I found out recently that I have really low B12 levels categorized as anemia. I thought my low energy was because of my thyroid (Hashimotos disease). It is odd since I am not a vegetarian, evidently it has taken years for my B12 […]

Mixed Media Paper Quilt- Finished?

I was torn with how I should quilt this since the over all look began to feel like an aged document. I thought if I quilted around the elements like my first inclination would be, that it would be too predictable a thing to do, so I decided to take a risk and do quilting […]

Mixed Media Paper Quilt- part 2

I added text and marks for background patterns with rubber stamps inked with Tsukineko Inks. Then I fused the fabric to a 12 inch square of wool felt. I folded the edges over and fused them to the back of the felt. This makes a nice flat and flexible piece for stitching.

Mixed Media Paper Quilt

I thought I would play around with making a mixed media paper quilt. I painted a piece of fabric to use as a base. The drawings were done on tea bags. I drink a lot of tea, and I love the patina that used tea bags get from the tanins as they dry. So I […]

The Silver Belle

I finally finished! All I need is some fabulous buttons. This was really interesting to knit, it went together in three pieces. The bottom panel and the two sleeves came up to make the front and back. The seaming is practically invisible. I think I started this in September, it took me a long time […]

Tsukineko Ink Workshop

This weekend I taught a class on Tsukineko Inks for a group of textile artists in the suburbs of Chicago. We had the use of a wonderful classroom in the fashion department at the College of DuPage in Glen Ellyn, IL.These inks take a little getting used to, before long everyone seemed to get the […]

Happy Birthday Nina!

Eighteen years ago today, the best thing in the world happened to me, I became the mother of a beautiful girl. I remember holding this little bundle in my arms and being amazed that I had given birth to her, it seemed completely miraculous. Those big brown eyes would gaze up at me and I […]