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My second cover!

Wow! How cool is that to have my first two covers on the store shelves at the same time! You can see the whole quilt here until you get your hands on the magazine. Or you can see it for real at the International Quilt Festival- Chicago next weekend in the Cloth Paper Scissors exhibit […]

Ready for Metal

These are all set to have the pewter metal stitched to them.

A note to the universe

Happy birthday Dad, I miss you. Today was my dads birthday, he died just after midnight a year ago today. I wish that I could have shared with him my accomplishments this last year. I know in my heart he knows, but I still would have liked to see his face and hear him say […]

CPS Studios is here!

I love seeing where people make their art, what inspires them and gets their creative juices flowing. Well evidently Pokey does too, she created this incredible special issue. You are going to love this, there are studio vignettes (little sneak peeks into CPS and QA artists studios), and a section featuring some fantastic studios that […]

Prepping for CPS Open Studios at IQF Chicago

I am working on a new batch of Fiesta Ornaments for Open Studios. I will demonstrate painting fabric on a couple ornament designs on Friday afternoon (2:30-4:30) and I will be sewing and embossing metal to finish the ornaments on Saturday (2:30-4:30). The painting takes a long time (especially when talking to people).The sewing and […]

Happy Easter

When I was a little girl in Massachusetts, we used to go to my grandmother’s house in Lowell for Easter and we always had eggs poached in pure maple syrup. My grandmother was French Canadian so maybe that is where it comes from. As strange as many people think it sounds, it sure is good. […]

New designs for painting

This week I have been working on designs that could be used for fabric painting workshops.

Quilting Arts DVD’s

While I was in Ohio taping an episode for Quilting Arts TV I filmed two DVD workshops, they will be like watching an hour long instructional video on your computer. This was my view while filming except there were two guys manning the cameras; one for a wide shot and another for close up. Helen […]

Teaching in Atlanta

I will be teaching two classes in Atlanta the first weekend in August at Fiber on a Whim. Mixed Media Fabric Painting and Tskineko Inks. The Tsukineko Inks class has filled, but they are starting a waiting list and the Mixed Media painting class has two openings left, so if you are in the area […]

Making art should be beautiful…

I had an idea a couple weeks ago to create a workshop for making a mixed media art apron to be worn when ever one is being creative and working with messy stuff. Because the whole surface of the apron is covered with paint it is extremely durable and can be wiped clean. I used […]

One month and counting

Until the International Quilt Festival- Chicago April 11-13. Once again I will be in the Cloth Paper Scissors Open Studios demonstrating what I do on Friday and Saturday.New this year, I will be teaching in Make it University. My class will be Mixed Media Painted Fabric at 12pm on Sunday. You will get to collage […]

60’s Music Video for Trekkies and Hobbit Fans

The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins sung by Leonard Nimoy!My daughter Nina came across this on you tube. What a hoot! Dig those dance moves.

Rubber Stamp

Staedtler Master Carve rubber block.Purple fabric was stamped with gold textile paint. The white fabric and paper were stamped with Fabrico multipurpose craft ink.