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Surviving the Runway 60’s style “The Movie”

For those of you who have never made it to International Quilt Festival, here’s your chance to see what you are missing Saturday night in Make it University, and for those of you who have, enjoy and see you in Houston! Part 1 Feeling groovy Part 2 I got you babe Part 3 The Winners! […]

Surviving the Runway 60’s style

The 1st place winner of 50 spools of Aurifil thread. 2nd place winner, Pokey, 3rd place and 1st. The Runners up. Jamie and Leslie, dig those groovy pom poms man. The Make it University Mod Squad. Jamie Fingal, me, Leslie Tucker Jenison, Pokey, Melly Mells Testa, Jane LaFazio. Tomorrow I will post some video of […]

International Quilt Festival Long Beach

What an awesome show! On Friday, I drove to Long beach and was amazed by the crowds at the show, both friday and saturday morning they opened the doors 15 minutes early. The vendor aisles were crowded with eager shoppers, there was definitely a more optimistic feeling here than I felt last Spring at the […]

A Day in the Fabric District Followed by Pupusas

Today we drove to downtown Los Angeles to go to the fabric district, block after block filled with stores of fabrics, willing to wheel and deal. There were fabrics of all kinds and shops filled floor to ceiling with notions and dressmakers forms. One shop was filled with fake fur, much to Nina’s delight who […]

Make It University apron 60’s style

To follow along with the theme of Surviving the Runway ’60s Style: The Ultimate Creative Challenge with Cloth Paper Scissors, several of us Make it University artists decided to make aprons to wear while working Open Studios and teaching our workshops. So if you see this mellow yellow apron you will know its me.

Custom Mino HD Videocamera

I recently bought a tiny HD video camera from Flip Video on Amazon. The really cool part about this besides the pocket size of the camera was that I could custom design it by uploading an image of my quilt. I also bought a nice little hard case that can clip onto a belt loop.

Los Angeles…

Isn’t one of the best parts about traveling the food? Eating all those favorites you have been missing while away. We started out on friday having Zankou chicken, our favorite fast food; Middle-Eastern spit roasted chicken with hummus, tomatoes, pita bread, garlic sauce and bright pink pickled turnips, YUMMM! This is the restaurant we miss […]

Make it University Samples

I modified the design of the Metal Magic project somewhat for the workshop in Long Beach, making the kits with a piece of white cotton fabric (on right) for making the image transfer. I thought some people may prefer that look to the canvas, but I am bringing squares of canvas for people to use […]

The Power of the Internet!

I have resolution to my problem with Earthlink! An employee from Earthlink saw my Twitter post and contacted me on Monday. He told me that it seemed like I had a valid problem and forwarded my info onto their Executive Escalations group and asked for my contact info. I got a call the next day […]

Garfield Conservatory

On Saturday, I took my son to his origami society meeting at Garfield Conservatory here in Chicago and decided to take a walk around the botanical gardens and green houses. Many of the plants look like things you typically see in yards and gardens in California, so even though there were many pretty plants there […]

One month until Copper book retreat!

If you are like me you have been feeling that low grade stress building for months. I know I could really use a little creative get away. Want to spend a weekend in the woodlands of Wisconsin making copper and canvas mixed media books with me? The weekend of August 8-9, I will be sharing […]

Earthlink Users BEWARE!

We had Earthlink for 2 years when we lived in Los Angeles, I canceled service in November 2005 when I found that we needed to use Comcast for internet here. In March 2006 I recieved a bill that we owed $123, I told them I had canceled our service and they said they didn’t have […]

Knitting Lace

As the summer warms up, I have set aside my cable sweater project and pulled out some lace weight yarn to knit. I have 3 skeins of Knitpicks Shadow in Jewels that has been sitting in one of my yarn baskets. Things have been pretty stressful and I decided I needed something that would be […]

Chicago Origami Society

A couple months ago a film crew showed up at the Origami Society Meeting my son Ty goes to. The film makers work for the city and usually film Mayor Daley’s activities, but since they were on a hiatus from the Mayor they were working on a few personal projects, including this one. It was […]

Stringing beads

I have accumulated quite a few beads from various quilt and bead shows over the years. Often they sit in bins for a long time before I get around to using them. I think it is challenging to string beads well, the individual beads are so beautiful, but it can be tricky to combine them […]