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Make a resolution for more creativity!

With the new year just a few days away, it’s time many of us think about resolutions, what are we going to do this coming year to improve our life. Kick a habit, make a new one? I think the best habits to make are the ones that involve creativity; learn a new skill, fine […]

Wishing you a fabulous holiday!

My daughter Nina illustrated this image of our dog Abby on Photoshop a couple years ago, I think it is so cute I just had to show it again. I hope your holiday is filled with warmth, good cheer and loved ones.  Thank you so much for visiting throughout the year, your words of encouragement, […]

Some inspirational gifts for your holiday shopping

Several talented artist friends have recently self published beautiful books with Blurb and the really awesome thing is Blurb is offering a special through December 31st $10 off any books with a value of $29.95 or more. That means you can order an image wrap hardcover copy (mine is normally $29.95) for $19.95 or get […]


No I haven’t dropped off the planet since finishing the quilt, I have just been working on trying to stay warm and catch on the things I put off while working on it. Our heater died wednesday, I woke up to frost on the windows (on the inside) thursday morning when it was 2° out. […]

Oh Deer, Look What’s Become of Me!

It is officially done, yay!, except for the label which I am sewing on tomorrow. Then it gets sent off to Kaufman Fabrics to be in a traveling special exhibit using their Kona Solid Fabric line. When I find out the schedule of venues I will post it.

Nearing the finish line

Last Thursday I called my photographer and made an appointment to get the quilt photographed Monday morning. In order to make that happen, I worked all through the weekend to get this quilt done. I still had grass to quilt, scroll work to quilt, the little deer to trapunto, block the quilt, trim the quilt, […]

Happy St. Nicolas Day!

The mingling scents of cinnamon, cloves, ginger, nutmeg and allspice fill the air as warm Speculatius (Saint Nicolas Cookies) bake in the oven. The tradition is that children put out their shoes the night before and Saint Nicolas puts cookies in them for morning. We could never go quite that far because our little four […]

Good friends and inspiration

It’s a great combination. Frieda, Trish, Laura, Gretl and I started our day seeing Jane Sassaman’s glorious quilts at the Metcap bank in downtown Chicago. Jane’s quilts are so gorgeous and they are amazing to see in person because in photos you don’t get to see all the beautiful machine stitching and quilting she does […]

Trial and Error

I am now quilting the grass, while delaying my decision about what to do about the little deer. My initial thoughts on quilting the grass was to use three shades of green; light yellow green for the lower half, a leafy green for the mid section and darker green for the darkest part of the […]


I have to tell you, I was so scared to start quilting the big deer. I was having a hard time trying to decide what was the best way to tackle it, so I put it off as long as I could. The issue I struggled with was trying to figure out the best way […]