Printing some last minute wrapping paper for the holiday


When I left Chicago, I ruthlessly tossed a lot of things, one of which was my stash of miscellaneous gift wrapping paper. Now that the holiday is imminent, I made some new gift wrap using the beautiful carved wooden stamps I got from Colouricious, acrylic inks and kraft paper.

One of the most crucial tips I have for block printing is to have a padded surface under your paper or fabric. You can use newspaper, but my favorite thing is a large foam floor mat.

I really like using acrylic inks better than paint, because it doesn’t fill in the spaces on the stamps with globs of paint, making a cleaner print.
I hope all of you in the middle of the country being inundated with a big winter storm today, stay warm and safe!

3 Responses to “Printing some last minute wrapping paper for the holiday”

  1. kakiyork says:

    so pretty!

  2. Lisa Chin says:

    Beautiful! Will there be some homemade gifts wrapped up in this paper?

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