A visit to a Roman Villa, an art store and the city of Luxembourg all in one day, pinch me!

Day 2

‎⁨On our second day in Germany, Birgit and Thilo brought us to Villa Borg which is a reconstructed Roman Villa in ⁨Perl⁩, ⁨Germany⁩ close to the Luxembourg border. The present structures stand on the original foundation walls dating to the 2nd or 3rd century. During excavation they also found iron age and neolithic tools.

After our visit back in time, we went to the best art store ever!

Boesner is a European art store chain, and this particular Boesner art store in Perl is a giant warehouse of a store with every art supply imaginable. I stocked up on a few inexpensive sketchbooks and some blue stamp carving blocks to try out, but boy if I wasn’t traveling with a little suitcase… Usually, I travel with two 50 lb suitcases with a few clothes and a ton of supplies for teaching, so it was a luxury to travel with just a small carryon size bag, with the added benefit of keeping spending to a minimum. 🙂

Next we drove to Luxembourg city, perched high up on the cliffs of a gorge.

The architecture was a gorgeous mix of old and new.
but I especially loved seeing wonderful examples of art nouveau like this.

The green tile pattern on the left was on the walls lining the corner entrance of this vintage department store.

This is the grand ducal palace dating back to 1572, where the Grand Duke of Luxembourg lives and performs his duties as head of state.

And look at those beautiful St Nicolas chocolates and colorful macaroons.

We also stopped to see the main cathedral.

The elaborate painted and carved detail in the old cathedrals is astounding, it is so awe inspiring to think about all the years, and lives, it took to create these giant works of art.

Now the way to make a great day even better, is to finish with all you can eat Flamme Kuchen at a local brewery! YUM!

Flamme kuchen are like little cracker thin pizza’s topped with creme fraiche and various savory toppings. I would eat these at least once a week if I could find a place that served them near me.


Day 3

The Saarland is on the border of France, and because of the protests over the gas taxes we decided not to venture into France other than visiting the nearby historic site of ‎⁨Spicheren⁩, in ⁨Lorraine⁩. Spicheren⁩ is the location of multiple battles from the Franco-Prussian war and WWll.


Then we hiked to the top of a man-made mountain made of coal waste to see the huge polygon sculpture on the top that can been seen from far and wide.

It was a bitter cold day, the hike was steep, and my joints were not too happy, but the view and sculpture at the top were pretty cool. I looked at the health app on my phone the other day and it said we had walked 5.6 miles and 40 floors that day. Bring on the flamme kuchen!

and now we step into the micro world of lichen and some lovely red stemmed, blue colored berries on a yellow wall.

In the afternoon, we walked through the Baumwipfelpfad Saarschleife, ⁨in Mettlach⁩, ⁨Germany⁩, which is a lovely wooded park that opens out on a hill above a breathtaking view of the Moseller river far below. There’s a castle on the top of the middle hill across the river, but it was just a bit too far for my iphone to capture clearly. You might be able to see a dot on the far end of the hill, that’s the castle.

The next morning, Phil and I took a bus to Karlsruhe, to meet up with the other members of The Hub at ZKM Center for Art and Media, which was the main reason we went to Germany, and I’ll share more about that soon…

Keep creating,


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