Discovering the hidden perks of a truckload of dung » Discovering the hidden perks of a truckload of dung

2014 25”x71”

This piece is named after a story written by Buddhist Monk, Ajahn Brahm, that was a panacea the year my marriage ended, and the following ensued.

In 2008 my husband was laid off, the recession hit, the only work he found was 1000 miles away and I couldn’t sell our loft because the banks weren’t lending. In 2009 he was laid off again, our 21 year marriage was over and he went to the other coast to find freelance work. I attempted mortgage modification repeatedly, drained our life savings to pay the mortgage in order to ‘qualify’ and by the end of 2011 our place slid into foreclosure. I fought the foreclosure in court, while attempting to do a short sale. I got the foreclosure dropped after 7 months and closed on the sale in 11. I moved back to California to start over at 50. It’s been a tough road to hoe but I came out the other side, at peace and happy, and planted my first garden, inspired by a truckload of dung dumped on my doorstep.

Whole cloth art quilt painted with acrylic inks, collaged printed imagery, stamps

2 Responses to “Discovering the hidden perks of a truckload of dung”

  1. Susan says:

    OMG! This quilt is so amazing! Your art has always knocked my socks off but this one really just sings! I love everything about it and the little bird and bee are so wonderful. And I love the story. So uplifting. I see awards in your future….or bidding wars.

    • Ha ha, I’m not really thinking too much about that. Just having the work out there, sharing the story and hopefully it’ll give someone else in a difficult situation some perspective and encouragement, but you’re very sweet for thinking so! Thanks so much Susan 🙂

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