Friday: Lecture, Interview, Reception, Dinner

On friday my day began with giving a power point lecture called Making an Award Winning Artquilt (and everything that can go wrong in the process).

It’s an information packed lecture showing a series of quilts from start to finish, how I pull together a concept with imagery to create a design, products that I prefer and why, funny (but not so much at the time) stories about mishaps and problems I ran into and how I resolved them.

After the lecture, I always bring out Primordial Sea since a large portion of the lecture is about making this quilt.






SOS Interview

In the afternoon I had a Quilters Alliance Save our Stories interview, that will go into the historical quilting archives and stored at the Library of Congress.





Lone Star Reception

In the evening Karey Bresenhan hosted a wonderful reception to kick off the exhibits that go along with the beautiful, and big!, Lonestars lll book at festival and the new Texas Quilt Museum opening in La Grange next week.I have two quilts in the book and exhibits that were made during my years living in Austin, TX. This is where I first became friends with Frances, Kathy and Sherry, we were all part of the same art quilt group and created a significant series of group quilts with a number of group members, exploring various themes based on color studies to begin with and eventually incorporating a variety of subject matter.




Dinner at 8

Our dinners always begin with a beautiful toast that Rachel leads about strong women. 

Rachel, Deb Boschert, and Jamie

Deb, Jamie, Linda Minton, Terry Grant

Frances, Gerrie Congdon, Susan Bruebaker Knapp

Leslie, Barb Forrister, Susan Fletcher King

 Late night antics with Melly
It was great having Jane as my roommate in Houston during the week and then having Melly join us on friday and saturday nights was AWESOME!



5 Responses to “Friday: Lecture, Interview, Reception, Dinner”

  1. Gerrie says:

    LOL! I had a great time at dinner. Thanks for good memories.

  2. Jeannie says:

    What a wonderful tribute to strong, FUN, and creative women! My favorite photos are of Gerrie laughing and of Melly being Melly. Thanks for sharing such a special time.

  3. Joy Joy Joy!!!! What a great group of friends!!! Peace, Mary Helen

  4. Jane LaFazio says:

    That daughter of yours gets some great photos…and whoever was the bedroom paparazzi is in trouble!
    great time, and your post captured it all beautifully.

  5. Lisa says:

    Oh my gosh! Those last photos look like so much fun!

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