I finally did it, I wrote a book!

creative alchemy cover

I wrote, designed and self-published  Creative Alchemy, 10+ Techniques with Acrylic Inks, as a supplement to my Acrylic Inks class, with the intention of eventually writing other books in a series on the different painting media and techniques I teach, under the Creative Alchemy title.

10+ Techniques with Acrylic Inks, covers all the various demos I do in my acrylic ink workshops, with photos of samples I’ve made over the last several years while teaching and discovering so many different ways to paint with this versatile medium on fabric.

CreativeAlchemy ToC-4

I discuss the range of acrylic inks on the market, recommend the fabric I like most for painting, I show examples and explain a variety of surface design and painting techniques, and additional tools and supplies

freezer paperfor applying inks to fabric, masking techniques, printing with hand-made foam, hand-carved rubber and imported wood stamps, and show ways of layering multiple techniques to create complex cloth.

large work

I also, have a chapter on the process of creating 4 large painted whole-cloth pieces from start to finish with step out photos, sharing my inspiration, and discussing the symbolism, and thought process I went through to create them.

The book comes in 2 formats: a 32 page, 8 1/2″ x 11″ print soft cover book for $18,
and a digital eBook for $14.99, that will work on all types of eReaders.

Here’s a little preview, click on the box next to the blurb logo see it full screen

I’m so excited to have this book for my next workshops in Fort Collins, Colorado next month. I’ll be teaching two 2-day workshops on painting with acrylic inks, for the Rocky Mountain Creative Quilters.

The first workshop June 3-4 is full, but the second one June 6-7, still has a few openings. If you’d like to join us, contact the Rocky Mountain Creative Quilters and book your spot!

29 Responses to “I finally did it, I wrote a book!”

  1. So glad you’ve published this book, Judy. As soon as I saw it, I had to get it. The time spent with you in Glendale, CA was always rewarding. Your our outgoing, willingness to share your creativity and techniques left a lasting impression. I know your book is going to be a treasured one.

  2. ssiefkin says:

    Congratulations Judy… A must-have!

  3. Clare Hunter says:

    Gorgeous!!! Will order when i get off work pc onto personal! Just scored some additional ink colors for playtime this weekend.

  4. Mary Pearson says:

    I took your class in Texas and I am finally setting up my studio—your book is a perfect addition to my studio collection and I cannot wait to develop and play with the techniques you shared in class reinforced by what I will now have at my fingertips with this book!

  5. Flavia Rousu says:

    Congratulations, Judy!
    I’m one of your m a n y fans, and hope to be in one of your classes some time soon. I have your Quilting Arts videos, which are wonderful! How does someone like me get your new book without having to sign for it? I live in an apartment building with a huge wall of locked mailboxes – but no one to sign unless the delivery person goes to another building a block away and finds the office [which may or may not happen]! Help!
    Kind regards, Flavia Rousu

    • Hi Flavia,

      I’d love to meet you in a class one day. I don’t really know how to help you with your mail problem, maybe you have a friend that could receive it in the mail for you? either that or get the ebook instead?

  6. Janet says:

    Wow, Judy, so good….

  7. Desiree Habicht says:

    Wow! Gorgeous book! I need to own that, I love Acrylic Inks

    • judycoatesperez says:

      thanks so much Desiree! With your wonderful painting skills I know you will make beautiful work! and totally fall in love with painting with them!

  8. Jennifer Scantlebury Vienneau says:

    I am so happy you have written this book – hopefully the first of many! I sadly missed the opportunity to take classes with you last year at the CQA Conference in Niagara. I have only dabbled in acrylic inks but am guessing your book will be the push I need to play more. Ordering mine now! Thanks!

  9. Becky Potts Baker says:

    Oh Judy, I am thrilled that you wrote this book! I have DVR’d the Quilting Arts episodes you were on and I’ve threatened anyone to delete them! I have your DVD using fabric paint and I’ve really been wanting to experiment with the inks. I’ve used your dye method with RIT and I got great results. I had not hand dyed until I saw your lessons using RIT on Quilting Arts. I have lupus so I had concerns about using the Procion dyes. I’m in North Carolina so I’m saving my money to be able to come to Pokey’s Art Barn and have enough time to stay for longer than one session. I’m sure you will be there teaching and creating! Keep on writing – we’ll keep buying your books!

    • judycoatesperez says:

      Becky, I was just at Pokey’s on friday and the framing of the barn was almost all in place. It’s getting real! Keep saving those pennies! 🙂

  10. Cindy Crangle says:

    Thanks so much…have always hoped you might write a book, helps those of us unable to attend workshops. Will this be available on Amazon?

  11. Joanie says:

    Congratulations! I am going to buy it as soon as I finish writing this thank you. Thanks for inspiring, and teaching those of us that want to learn new techniques. Your work is amazing!

  12. Barbara Furgason says:

    Hoorah! I love your techniques but I can’t follow you to every one of your workshops, although I do try.

    • judycoatesperez says:

      well I always love seeing return students in my classes, hope we can do it again sometime! 🙂

  13. Susan says:

    I wanted the softcover but $16.99 for postage…guess I’ll have to wait for amazon or something. my printer died, im a disabled sr. and i just cannot justify a dollar less than the cost of the book for shipping. jeez la wheez where are you mailed from outer mongolia 🙂

    • judycoatesperez says:

      Susan I’m sorry about the shipping rate, I don’t have any control over that. I self published the book through Blurb because of the wonderful quality for being printed on demand, I don’t have the funds to pay for 1000 copies with offset printing, it was either this option or no book for me right now.

      When I order copies to sell in my classes I pay the same rate for shipping. I wish they had an option for flat rate USPS, they ship UPS ground which is more expensive but also more reliable. If you want to avoid the shipping you could opt for the eBook.

      The book wont be sold thru Amazon, their commission is too high for the level of sales I do.

  14. Pat Grice says:

    Just ordered my book with the option of the $5.99 shipping and can’t wait to see all your hard work in “hardcopy”!!! I’m so pleased for you! Really proud of you for accomplishing one of your dreams.
    cheers, Pat

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