Inspired by Seed Pods, Gum Leaves and Banksia

speckledleaves This is another sample from one of my acrylic ink workshops in Australia.

The pods, leaves and flowers were stamped on top of a colorful textured background, reminiscent of dappled light and leafy trees, using hand carved rubber stamps.

I carved the leaf stamp on both sides, so I could get the leaves to hang two different ways and brushed the flower stamp with two different colors of acrylic ink to have the brown nut and pink fluffy flower stamped at the same time.gum flower detail gum flowers
11  3/4″ x 12  3/4″


Banksia are the most intriguing plants, there are so many varieties, just check out these photos from Google images to get a sampling of the multitude of different shapes and colors of flowers and leaves.

The painted yellow banksia was a piece that I worked on while demonstrating in the guest artist area at the Brisbane Quilt and Craft Fair.

banksia 10″ x  14  1/2″

I painted a background of sunset colors first, then used a wood block to stamp the circular patterns in red on the left. The banksia flower, leaves and blue water were painted over the top of the colorful background. So you can see how the inks can be transparent or have opaque coverage. The black gum leaves and nuts were stamped last.
bansia detail

3 Responses to “Inspired by Seed Pods, Gum Leaves and Banksia”

  1. Catherine says:

    Many thanks for sharing this with us.
    These plants are amazing and really a good source of inspiration. I already spent some time searching the internet to get infos on these plants<; I'll find out about them.

    Here in France, Paris, these are not available. We know nothing about them. What a shame.

    This is a good momenbt to get these info as I am looking for inspiration on plants. I'llcheck for other australian plants.
    If you have any names to mention, I would be gratefull.

    Have a good day

  2. Your artworks are lovely..I like these ones …so special and inspirationals

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