It’s all about Crafting a Life!


Last week, my daughter Indigo and I drove out to Napa to visit my friend, and founder of the Quilting Arts empire, Pokey Bolton, to help her with her new business venture.

Pokey is building a fantastic creative arts and lifestyle retreat facility in the heart of Napa called ‘Crafting a Life, LLC, which she plans on opening next spring. This will be more than just a place to make quilts, mixed media and other textile arts, it will also be a place to learn about cooking and wine tasting, meditation and yoga… all the kind of activities one pursues when crafting a creative life.

Pokey hired Indigo to design the logo, business collateral, and photograph the property to help set the atmosphere for the website, she’ll be developing soon.

We drove to Napa, about an hour from our home in Sacramento, to discuss what needed to be photographed and collect props before shooting that afternoon. Unfortunately our shoot got postponed because of an unexpected, but much needed rainstorm, and not so needed hailstorm that began pelting marble sized hail.


The storm was dramatic, and when it finally stopped at sundown, we drove over roads several inches deep in hail, passing snow white roof tops in a bizarre steaming winter wonderland.


We drove back the next day and the weather was gorgeous, as so many days are in the Napa Valley. The property is located away from downtown in the hills, and is covered with an incredible number of fruit trees; from apples and citrus to persimmons and olives.

IMG_9865Pokey’s in the process of building the art barn up on the hillside overlooking the rest of the property (note small pink flags in field where it will be located). There will be lots of fresh air and natural light in the main studio with 3 large garage style roll up doors, opening out on a patio with welcoming rocking chairs to take in the gorgeous view.

Just below the art barn is a beautiful lap pool, that unfortunately suffered some damage from the recent earthquake, but is in the process of being repaired.IMG_9851

Check out the tennis court on the other side of the pool!


At the end of the pool, there’s a fantastic BBQ area complete with gas grill and pizza oven, that we set up with wine and cheese to set the mood, under a lovely wood trellis strung with twinkle lights.

IMG_9860You know it’s going to be a lot of fun hanging out here at the end of a long day of art making 🙂

When the photos on the property were finished, we drove up the road to a higher spot, past vineyards and a grazing herd of alpacas, where we took in the magnificent view of Napa Valley, San Francisco bay and beyond. You probably can’t see much detail in this photo taken with my iphone, but believe me it was spectacular.


Rain or shine, all in all we had two great days at Pokeys ponderosa, the future home of Crafting A Life, LLC.IMG_9883

It’s a wrap!

18 Responses to “It’s all about Crafting a Life!”

  1. jennyklyon says:

    Can’t wait! What a gorgeous vista.

  2. Lisa Chin says:

    Pokey’s Ponderosa! LOL I love it! It looks like it will be a beautiful retreat that people will be lining up to get to! Looking forward to seeing it someday!

  3. Congratulations on this wonderful adventure. Next to heaven, it would be the perfect place to go.

  4. Heidi Lund says:

    Fabulous visit and can’t wait to see what Indigo designs for Pokey.

  5. Hilary Frye says:

    So Awesome!! Sounds and looks fabulous!!

  6. Barb says:

    This looks amazing! Lucky you for getting to see it . . . and Pokey, too!

  7. Mary R. Beat says:

    My next visit to Sacramento, Napa Valley has to be during non-allergy season, and that trip will include a visit to your studio and latest projects, plus a look-see at Pokey’s new adventure. I am so happy for Indigo.

  8. Patsy Heacox says:

    Sounds absolutely wonderful. Always wanted to go to a retreat.

  9. I’m completely psyched to see this place and take in the vistas. Thanks for giving us a peek!

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  11. bluebuns says:

    I think this is a perfect venture of happiness for you Pokey! And so great to hear you are including the smaller ones in your plans as well. Dickens sure would have loved that!! Deborah

  12. Diane says:

    Looks wonderful!

  13. Dean Deerfield says:

    I am so happy for you Pokey. Know this is a very exciting time for you. I wish you all kinds of success with your new venture.

    I have been looking for the first issue of Quilting Arts for a very long time. I have found a few, but the price was very high. I finally found one last month for less than $5.00. I was very excited. I now have a complete set. I get them out often and enjoy them again. I like having my set complete

    Merry Christmas to you and your family. .
    Hugs to my special young friend

  14. Diane Ansel says:

    What a wonderful adventure. I live on the east side of Sonoma – minutes from Napa. And I am looking for artists/quilters playmates. This sounds like a good place to find them. I am in!!

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