Painting Imagery on Fabric at Road to California


I had a great time teaching last week. The first class I taught was painting, this is my favorite class to teach,


because primarily I teach people who dont have any formal art training basic techniques to successfully paint on cotton fabric, which is a lot harder than painting on canvas.

DSCN3297 DSCN3302


It was wonderful to see a number of familiar faces in several of my classes, there were students from when I’ve taught in Long Beach and Houston and there were even a few members of my old guild in Glendale, CA.


As a teacher, I take that as a huge compliment that I must be doing at least a few things right. ,-)


It’s funny, in every class, there are always one or two people who grumble and say they realize they just weren’t meant for painting, they’ve tried it and now they know it’s not for them. I would love to see how they feel a day later, after they’ve had some time away from their work, pull it out of their bag and look at it with fresh eyes. My guess is their perspective may have changed.


There were so many beautiful paintings and unfortunately I missed getting pictures of a few.


I snap photos randomly (sometimes over students heads so they dont notice, lol, I know some people can be a bit self conscious) while I’m going around checking on how people are doing and stopping to give personal demos or advice, and sometimes people pack up a bit early and leave without my even noticing until I turn around and they’re gone, oh well.


This yellow bird had metallic gold painted on its wing and head that gave it a beautiful shimmer.


My students should all give themselves a pat on the back for not only mastering a number of painting techniques in one short 6 hour day, but also doing it on fabric! Really fantastic work by everyone.


8 Responses to “Painting Imagery on Fabric at Road to California”

  1. PB says:

    Judy, I really, really, want to take a painting class with you and am very interested in the acrylic inks on fabric and techniques. I have been reading your blog and looking at your work and classes for awhile, but I am located on the East Coast. I hope there will be opportunities for you to come near my home sometime.

    Thanks for your beautiful work.

    • Wow thanks PB! I would love to teach on the east coast, so far no one has booked me out that way though. I’m teaching at two retreats using acrylic inks in June, unfortunately one is in Texas and the other is in Southern California.

  2. It was a fun class and I have been painting these last two days. I plan on quilting my bird when I finish the current piece. Thank you.

  3. LauraW says:

    Your students always produce such great work. Must be because your are such a great teacher!

  4. I loved the class to, it was so much fun and very well timed. I think it is the first class I ever took where I actually finished what I was working on. I’m sad I missed the metal working one, I did sign up for it but the flu got me the night before.

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