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Making textile paint and fiber friendly acrylic ink

After having a bit of trouble quilting Polychromatic Predilection, painted with acrylic inks on my new-ish Bernina 750, I decided I wanted to see if it was possible to make a more fiber-friendly acrylic ink. In the past, I never had problems with stitch tension when quilting painted textiles… until I got a new sewing […]

The paintings continue

I don’t have multiple photos of this one in process, because it was a bit of a disaster for a while and kept changing until I turned it into a painting of succulents, but if you’re really curious this is what it looked like at one point. See, sometimes my stuff looks awful too ūüôā […]

Learning, Creating, Living

There are countless articles on the importance of continuing to learn new things as we age. They say it helps ward off declining brain function, memory loss and boosts low spirits, and eases depression. This year I’ve immersed myself in more small art projects than ever. To be honest, I haven’t had the energy or […]

My teaching trip to Naples, Florida

I just got back from teaching at the Naples Quilters Guild. This guild goes up on the high list of wonderful places to teach, and credit goes to great programs organizers like Judy and Linda that make the job a whole lot easier, and a lot more fun. My first class was Paint and Printapalooza […]

Painting canvases

I love painting fabric then stitching it, but the downside is that it’s a much slower process than simply painting canvas. Sometimes I want to work on more projects and be more experimental with my painting since I feel like I learn so much every time I sit down to paint. Unfortunately, I don’t have […]

I had to bury myself in the studio last week

To put it bluntly the last week or two have been hell. Between the GOP gift to the wealthy tax bill and their endorsement of child molester/sexual predator Roy Moore for US Senate, I just can’t stand seeing what’s happening and feeling so helpless to stop any of it. Everyone I know is calling, writing, […]

Blessings in the wind, making mixed-media prayer flags in Fresno

This was the first time I’ve ever taught for a guild twice in the same year! How cool is that? Debbie Girt (on bottom left of photo) took my Painting Imagery with Textile Paints workshop in February when I was there last and brought her finished Seahorses wall hanging to show and tell. Didn’t it […]

10+ Techniques with Acrylic Inks workshop in Sacramento

As much as I love traveling to fun places to teach, there’s nothing better than teaching close to home! This weekend I taught a 2 day class at Meissner’s Sewing in Sacramento. This is my second time teaching at Meissner’s, it’s such a great place for workshops. They have a nice big classroom with a […]

I speak the language of color

Polychromatic Predilection 40″ x 40″ whole cloth painted with acrylic inks, free-motion machine quilted. Over the last month, I’ve tried going on a news diet, limiting my intake of news to brief morning and evening reading. I think this is mostly because no matter what happens, nothing seems to change, and the frustration is overwhelming. […]

SLO Creating

Do you feel like life is moving too fast? I know I do. I¬†propose we all do some slow-creating, kind of like pro-creating, or giving birth to artful things on a slow, but regular, basis. A true labor love. A way of being. This weekend, I was able¬†to do some ¬† SLO-creating in San Luis […]

Unique and beautiful hand painted and printed fabric

What a treat it was to be able to teach a 3-day version of my Paint & Print-a-palooza workshop locally at Meissner’s Sewing in Sacramento. This was my second time teaching the class. The first time was at Craft Napa as a 1-day class. 3 days was great! It gave students enough time¬†to take the […]

Making prayer flags at Craft Napa

This has been a very hard week with trumps assault on our civil liberties. It has been stressful, anger inducing, frustrating, painful, and scary. I feel traumatized, as each day the news¬†got worse and worse. But as¬†I write this post I feel renewed. My heart and spirit is lifted with each photo that I edit. […]

It’s been a productive week! Finishing the red vase

This week, in between packing up supplies for teaching at International Quilt Festival, this is about half of what I’ve had to pull together for all my classes, 4 other boxes have been shipped, . and finishing a cable sweater I’ve had in the works for 2 years, did I ever mention how much I […]

Blue vase painted with acrylic inks

Back in April I taught an acrylic inks workshop at the Focus on Fiber Florida retreat in New Smyrna Beach, Florida, and I had the opportunity to extend my stay by 3 days to paint and spend time on my own work. I made the sketch on the left as an idea for overpainting a […]

You win some and you lose some, it’s all about perspective

BUSHWHACK Bushwhack: to cut a path through dense vegetation.¬† Inspired by patterns in nature, I saw each block like plant cuttings scattered on the ground.¬†40‚Äô x 40‚ÄĚ You may remember when I posted some progress photos of this quilt several months ago. I started to make it for sheer pleasure, but as I was sewing […]

Woo hoo, I’m a cover girl!

This is the image I just received of the next issue of Machine Quilting Unlimited that I wrote an article for. I was told that if you get a new subscription by February 10th, this issue will come with your subscription. To get 10% off your renewal or subscription on¬†print issues, use promo code¬†MQUSPECIAL to […]

What I did on my Christmas vacation

Since I didn’t have any teaching gigs in December, it turned out to be¬†a very productive month. I wrote an article for the¬†upcoming March issue of Machine Quilting Unlimited. I completed another big project that I’m not quite ready to reveal, I’ll tell you¬†about that after Craft Napa. I used some of the thermofax screens […]

The Craft Napa bloghop winner has been announced!

The winner of the $500 gift certificate to is Janet Avery from Jenny Lyon’s blog post! Congratulations, Janet!¬† There are only 3¬†days! left¬†to register for workshops and events at CRAFT NAPA! There’s just a few spots left in my 2 day acrylic inks workshop too and so I’d like to share some of the […]

What a treat to teach at a place that felt so much like home

I recently taught acrylic inks to the Pacific Piecemakers guild in Gualala, CA. It was close to a 4 hour drive from Sacramento, through Napa, and Sonoma counties to the southern edge of Mendocino county (115 miles north of San Francisco). The actual mileage is not that far but the 48¬†mile drive along Highway 1 […]

Succulent Love complete

A¬†couple months ago I posted about painting a¬†new piece called Succulent Love, and in the mean time, I’ve had a couple¬†teaching gigs and a vacation trip and have been working on preparations for teaching at International Quilt Festival at the end of October. I don’t think people realize how much prep is involved¬†teaching at conventions, […]

3 pieces going to festival in Houston this fall

I’m very excited to have two pieces accepted¬†into the International Quilt Festival World of Beauty competition in Houston this fall. I haven’t entered this part of the show in about 6 years, before my life imploded. Since that time,¬†I only managed to do about one quilt a year that was cathartic in nature, that I […]

Succulent Love

I have always loved succulents and cacti. Years ago when I lived in Los Angeles, I had a pretty big collection, but I had to give them away when I moved across country. Now that I’m back in California and in a drought, I’ve given up my thirsty garden and have been accumulating succulents again. […]

I finally did it, I wrote a book!

I wrote, designed and self-published¬†¬†Creative Alchemy,¬†10+ Techniques with Acrylic Inks, as a supplement to my Acrylic Inks class, with the intention of eventually writing other books in¬†a series on the different painting media and techniques I teach, under the Creative Alchemy title. 10+ Techniques with Acrylic Inks, covers¬†all the various demos I do in my […]

A lovely 3 day retreat in the Hudson River Valley and a fun and fast trip to Houston, Texas!

I was so excited to teach at the Hudson River Valley Fiber Arts workshop an hour from Albany, NY, a week ago. Many of my friends have taught at there, and I‚Äôve always heard the best things. The Greenville Arms was built in 1889 and consists of a large 3-story house with a dining room, […]

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