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Dyed Batting Pillows

I made these pillows from cotton batting for RIT to use in their booth at the CHA conference in Anaheim, CA.Thanks for the pictures Jamie.There’s my quilt that was used in Quilting Arts TV episode 312 and for my article in the December 2008 issue of Quilting Arts magazine. I also had a few things […]

Needle felted dyed batting

I spent the weekend with some friends and one of them had a needle felting machine. I have never worked with one before but I knew the Rit dyed batting I brought was going to be perfect. I cut 9 squares and 9 circles from warm and cool colors and layered them alternating warm circles […]

Caught in the act.

How could anyone resist a soft pile of freshly dyed cotton batting to snuggle up in? Unfortunately for Abby, that batting needed to be used for something else. A project for RIT dye.

Dyeing Batting with Rit

Now that my article on low immersion dyeing with RIT from the December 2008 Quilting Arts magazine has been published, I can show you photos of the artwork I made for RIT to use on a segment of Quilting Arts TV for season 3. The third season should begin in January. The episode that RIT […]

Dyeing with RIT

A month or two ago I mentioned that I had done a project for RIT dye for Quilting Arts TV. I actually made three projects for the RIT representative to use on the show because I had too many different ideas to stop at one. They taped the show at the end of August and […]