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Charters Towers final resting spots

If you’ve followed my blog for a while you know I really like visiting graveyards, like these ones in Vermont and Maine as well as this quilt. Charters Towers has two historic cemeteries. Sadly many of the graves are in very bad shape and there are piles of broken decorative rusty fence parts just laying around. […]

Vermont Graves

These are graves in Grafton Vermont. There is some fabulous folk art imagery on these stones.I love how many of these stones have so much color. Rust and lichen have given them a lovely patina.This was the gate keeper at the cemetery entrance.

Old Cemeteries

I love walking in old cemeteries, the stones are so beautiful. Making gravestones like these is truly a lost art. I always enjoy reading the names and dates on the stones and wonder what each persons life may have been like. You can imagine Patience would have been an appropriate name for a captains wife […]