Win a spot in Lesley Riley’s Mastering the Art of Transfers TAP class!


The winner is Linda McGlaughlin.

Thanks to everybody who participated here. Check out the blog list below for other chances to win.
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My good friend, artist and author, Lesley Riley has a new online class at CraftArtEdu. This is an online video class that you can watch on your computer anytime you want, indefinitely. In the class Lesley demonstrates a variety of ways to use TAP- Transfer Artist Paper on surfaces like paper, fabric, wood and metal.

If you’re not familiar with TAP, it’s a paper used in an ink jet printer to print your choice of images onto, and then transfer the printed image to another surface with a hot iron.

One of the cool things that sets TAP apart from other transfer products is that you can draw or paint on the printed image and then when you transfer it, everything is transferred to the surface and is permanent even if you use a water soluble media on the TAP paper.

I used TAP in several places when I made these embossed metal books with canvas pages a few years ago to play with mixed media techniques.

Bird painting transferred with TAP onto fabric and stitched to canvas

Bird painting transferred with TAP onto fabric and stitched to canvas

Color image of bees printed on TAP and transferred onto a tea bag
Color image of bees printed on TAP and transferred onto a tea bag

Bird painting printed on TAP and transferred to canvas and Black & White image transferred to tea bag

To win a space in Lesley’s class leave a comment here and on July 5th I’ll announce a winner.

(winner chosen by random number generator)

Please drop by Lesley’s blog and leave a comment there to win a free 5-sheet package of TAP.


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A few things to know about TAP

TAP was named the Most Innovative New Product at CHA in 2011

TAP can be purchased online from, Amazon, and more. Also look for it (or ASK!) at your local art, craft and quilt shops.

69 Responses to “Win a spot in Lesley Riley’s Mastering the Art of Transfers TAP class!”

  1. natalie radbill says:

    What wonderful work-I would love to learn how to use TAP

  2. Lisa Chin says:

    I love your mixed media book. Tap is a lot of fun to play with!

  3. Lori Beth Chandler-Lewis says:

    Would love to learn this!

  4. Nancy Tom says:

    Glad to discover you….looking forward to more of your inspirations !!!

  5. Sally Wright says:

    I’ve used TAP on fabric, but would live to learn other techniques.

  6. I love online video classes! This looks fun!

  7. jamamakittyj says:

    this is right up my alley!! i also have used your tap but would also like to see other ways to use it

  8. Melanie Reising says:

    Life would be grand if we only had time to do more ART. would love to learn this art form 🙂

  9. sandy lupton says:

    love your blog! sandy

  10. NM Creatrix says:

    I am so eager to try this…

  11. Cristiana says:

    Thanks for this opportunity, very nice giveaway

  12. Rchel Parris says:

    Would love this.

  13. Eda Steinman says:

    I’ve used TAP transfer paper with excellent results. I love this stuff!

  14. Jay Dodds says:

    Is this an online class? Looks like fun!

  15. I’d love to learn how to use TAP. Thanks for a chance to win! I love your blog….so much inspiration!

  16. Penny Munson says:

    Thanks for a chance to learn about this great product. You have made it look easy.

  17. sophie says:

    I would love to play with various applications–Lesley’s class sounds like a great one!

  18. Manuela says:

    I’m on a learning journey and would love to learn more about Lesley’s TAP-Paper.

  19. Pam Weiler says:

    I love the bees on tea bags. I would really like to learn how to do it in Lesley’s class. Thank you for the chance to win.

  20. Debbie K. says:

    This would be so cool!

  21. Chris Appleby says:

    Sounds like fun

  22. I really need a spot in this class as I have TAP but cant get it to work for me so def need lessons!!!

  23. Patti butchwell says:

    Awesome art work! So inspiring. Fantastic giveaway opportunity too!

  24. Leslie Anderson says:

    Your book is beautiful. Inspires me to give TAP a try!

  25. Love that you used TAP on teabags! I love the stuff. Would LOVE some…

  26. Beth Hayes says:

    Hi Judy, I like how you used TAP. I’d love to take the class. Thanks for the opportunity to win. Beth

  27. Edie says:

    I love TAP and would love to stretch my wings and know how in the class. Thanks for the eye candy!

  28. Erin says:

    Thank you for this great opportunity. I have a package of TAP and would love to learn more about it uses and applications. Lessons would be great!

  29. avoconnor22 says:

    I would love to learn how to make image transfers using TAP. Thanks for the opportunity!

  30. Juanita says:

    Love her work and creativity and hope to take a class from her in Houston.

  31. Jan says:

    I’ve had tap paper around for a while. I’d love to win a slot in the class and try it out. thanks for the chance to win!

  32. Liz Ozselcuk says:

    Another craft to learn when I retire in a year!

  33. Charon says:

    I would love to win Lesley Riley’s class! I would especially like to learn how to use TAP on metal.

  34. Maybe if I win the class I would use the TAP I bought a few years ago!

  35. Regina Dunn says:

    I have used TAP and would love to learn more about it. Thanks for the opportunity.

  36. Kathy Bricker says:

    Would love this opportunity! I have used TAP, but haven’t yet perfected it. I could use some tips

  37. Virginia says:

    Judy, you do such fantastic things with it, I’d love to learn too.
    Thanks for the chance to learn more

  38. I’d love to take the class. Thanks!

  39. katherine mcneese says:

    Would love to win this classs! thanks!

  40. Angela says:

    I could definitely use a lesson oon transfers!

  41. Marissa says:

    Wow! these are some of the nicest transfers I’ve see. Would love to win the class.

  42. JB says:

    Lovely transfers. tap is a great product and I highly recommend it.

  43. Pat Upton says:

    I have such a great idea for a transfer but would love to do it right to start with! I hope I win!

  44. Sylvia says:

    It sounds like a wonderful class! I would love to win! Thanks for the chance.

  45. Beth Henderson says:

    I love how these look. Now I want to learn to use them!
    Beth Henderson

  46. Sue Andrus says:

    I’d love to win a class! I’m loving the projects shown on the blog hop!

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  48. Julie G. says:

    This is so cool! Would love to win this and try it out…even if I don’t win I will look for the product and try it out 🙂

  49. Carol M says:

    Would love to win a seat.

  50. Melissa says:

    I love it. Put a bird on it

  51. Dori Melton says:

    great use of this fab product

  52. Karen Little says:

    Can’t wait! Hope I win! Thanks!

  53. Ani in NC says:

    Love your little book, fabulous! I’d love to TAP with Lesley!

  54. marynbtol says:

    Love it! The birds are so beautiful!

  55. wsittner says:

    Thanks for noting that TAP can be used on wood. I love that idea!

  56. Karen says:

    Boy, I am ready to see how this works!

  57. Marilyn WK says:

    I love your work! And I’d love to win a spot in Lesley’s workshop as much as I’d love to take one of your workshops. 😉

  58. Lynn M. says:

    Thanks for the demos; lovely work. Need to get some TAP and try them on my fabric journal covers.

  59. angi Eharis says:

    beautiful art work! tx for sharing and inspiring! aloha, angi in hana

  60. Ginigin says:

    Your journal pages are a great enticement to try TAP. Just lovely. Please enter me too.

  61. Your art is refreshing. I would love to win this class to take my art quilts to the next level.

  62. Joyce Segur says:

    So fun to see the different creations on this Blog Hop. Would love to have a chance to learn from the source of TAP, Joyce

  63. Such beautiful birds! Thanks for the chance to win a spot in Lesley’s class. I also entered to win some transfer paper. I’ve never used it before and love how your projects came out!

    Carmen L

  64. Valerie Summers says:

    Thanks for making this offer possible!

  65. Thanks for the chance to win. Hope I made it in time!

  66. julie m says:

    fantastic. i love all things bird. what a special book.

  67. NancyW says:

    I’m really interested in using TAP

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