You win some and you lose some, it’s all about perspective



Bushwhack: to cut a path through dense vegetation. 

Inspired by patterns in nature, I saw each block like plant cuttings scattered on the ground. 40’ x 40”


You may remember when I posted some progress photos of this quilt several months ago. I started to make it for sheer pleasure, but as I was sewing it together I thought it would be a good fit for the Dinner@8 exhibit themed Pattern, organized by Jamie Fingal and Leslie Jennison.

Last week the acceptances went out, and my piece got a rejection. Of course I’m disappointed my quilt didn’t get in, it would have been nice for it to follow the exhibits tour at Quilt Festival, but I know there are other exhibits I could enter it into if I want to.

I really like this quilt with it’s bright and colorful multi-patterned mayhem. It’s a departure from my usual style of working, yet still clearly looks like my layered mixed media work.Bushwhack.detail

When you submit work to an exhibit, there’s all kinds of reasons it may not get in. Sometimes it’s because the design isn’t very strong or the workmanship is not up to parr. Sometimes it’s because the works doesn’t fit the theme as well as the other submissions, or it’s too different from the other work that has been selected, an exhibit needs cohesion. Other times it’s because there were so many wonderful entries that some perfectly good submissions don’t make the cut.  The thing to keep in mind is there are other exhibits out there and the work that gets rejected one place may fit in better somewhere else.

block 2Honestly, in a way, I’m kind of glad it didn’t get in, because I was going to have to make another sample quilt for my new class that I developed after making this quilt called PAINT & PRINT-A-PALOOZA, and that would take some time!

I had so much fun making the fabric for Bushwhack, that I knew I was onto something.

PAINT & PRINT-A-PALOOZA is a spin off from my multi-day 10+ TECHNIQUES WITH ACRYLIC INKS workshop. For those that have taken that class, it’s kind of like the first 3 hours where we make beautiful, colorful base fabrics using acrylic inks, but in this new class we work on top of those fabrics with thermofax screens as well as stamps to make unique custom patterned fabrics.


While we are printing on top of the colorful base fabrics we’ll focus on; color harmony, scale, contrast, visual texture, and placement of imagery for printing.

JCP printapalooza 2

I love making my own printed fabric and it’s very possible you might really like it too.

If you’d like to join me making unique painted and printed fabric, sign up for Paint and Print-a-palooza at Craft Napa January 13th, 2017.


I’d love to spark your creativity at one these upcoming events:

August 12-13 SLO Creative Studio, San Louis Obispo, CA  2-day Acrylic Inks workshop

September 21 Quilting in the Garden Livermore, CA – Painting Floral Imagery with Textile Paints

Nov 3-6 International Quilt Festival, Houston
Nov 1  Tsukineko Inks
Nov 2 Tea and Ephemera
Nov 3 Tsukineko inks
Nov 4 Blessings in the Wind: mixed media prayer flags

January 12-15  Craft Napa – Sign up Now!
Jan 12 Painting Imagery with Textile Paints
Jan 12 Fast and Fun Foam Stamps
Jan 13 Paint and Print-a-palooza
Jan 14 Blessings in the Wind, mixed-media prayer flags

Keep creating, Judy

IMG_5538Judy is an artist, explorer, image wrangler, knowledge seeker, instructor, speaker, creative alchemist, and purveyor of inspiration, helping others channel creativity on a daily basis.

17 Responses to “You win some and you lose some, it’s all about perspective”

  1. Pam S says:

    It’s gorgeous! The colors and complexity and the contrast of dappled light and shade work so well to create the forest feeling. And like being in a forest, I could stare at it for a long time and keep making new discoveries. Thanks for sharing this!

  2. jennyklyon says:

    I LOVE that quilt and it will continue to reward you. This new class is a great offering and will just enhance your the choices that students have. Win-win!

    • Thanks Jenny! It’s fun having a new class where there seems to be many new possibilities to explore, I’m really looking forward to seeing the different ways my students approach this idea.

  3. Marjorie says:

    I wish I could take a class with you, Judy! Next best thing s your e book …looking forward to discovering lots of ideas from it.
    Your quilts are wonderful and the colours are uplifting.

  4. Paula says:

    It’s a winner in my eyes! Enter it somewhere else please!

  5. linnerlu says:

    Thanks for sharing, Judy … not just the gorgeous quilt, but your thoughts on Win Some / Lose Some. It takes a mature artist to accept rejections with your grace. A few years ago when I had a piece rejected from the same exhibit, I admit to feeling quite stung … yet that piece remains one of my personal favorites. Not to mention the fact that it makes all the Acceptances that much sweeter! I look forward to seeing wherever you enter it next. Cheers!
    Linda Teddlie Minton

    • thanks Linda! congrats on getting in btw, and yes I have no worries that it still has plenty of places to go if I choose to send it. Honestly though I’m not very good about entering shows, now that I teach so much. I end up bringing a lot of my work along as samples for discussion on process when I teach, so it’s often more valuable to me to have it in hand. See you in Houston!

  6. Angi eharis says:

    Love, love, love your bushwhack quilt, their loss! Aloha, angi in hana

  7. I didn’t get in either. And mine was a good quilt too. I am looking forward to seeing the spectacular quilts that made it in above mine, Judy’s and a few others.

  8. Heidi Lund says:

    This quilt it’s really beautiful Judy!

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