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Painting Imagery on Fabric with Textile Paints

bird+paintingPaint offers endless opportunities for creating special effects on fabric, from adding details, dimension or shadow to creating fully illustrated scenes.

While working with textile paints, students learn techniques for creating smooth gradations of color, glazing paint to create more visual depth, covering large areas and backgrounds smoothly, avoiding blotchiness, control paint bleeding, how to working with freezer paper masks, and paint smooth lines and fine details.

This is an information packed class geared to help students gain confidence painting on fabric for art quilting and can be expanded to multi day format. 

Color Theory

colortheoryDid you know the color choices you make can transform an average piece of artwork into something spectacular? Be surprised and delighted by the effects and illusions you can create by understanding the mysteries of color. In this hands-on experiential class you’ll learn key color concepts with visual examples, mix new paint colors, and create helpful charts, all providing you with the tools you’ll need to see color in a whole new light.

This class also incorporates an in depth and informative power point lecture with numerous graphics and examples to illustrate key theories and color families to increase overall comprehension.

10 Textile Techniques using Acrylic Inks

AcrlcInkPerezSpend a day exploring surface design techniques: create colorful textured backgrounds, explore mark making with different kinds of stamps, and drawing with quill calligraphy and ruling pens.

Explore layering washes of color and imagery, by creating masks with freezer paper and make simple resists from common items found in the office supply store.

Learn to paint imagery opaquely and with
a transparent watercolor look.This class is packed with tips and ideas of different ways to work with these versatile inks on fabric.

This class makes an excellent multi day workshop and can be expanded into a week long workshop incorporating construction, stitching and binding techniques.

Tsukineko All Purpose Inks

Tsukineko Inks_PerezTsukineko inks have a broad range of applications for painting fabric.

I teach two different methods for working with the inks. One uses the Fantastix tool with a dry brush method that feels more like traditional drawing, and the other method is working wet with paintbrushes that give a more painterly quality.This is a techniques class where you will master blending and shading, mixing colors, creating light and dark colors, learn how to control bleeding on fabric and creating fine lines and details.


Tea & Ephemera

tea & ephemeraUsing textile paint, printed paper vintage imagery, thermo fax screens, colored pencils, rubber stamps, paint sticks, tea bags and more, learn multiple mixed media techniques while creating a mixed media fabric collage that you can stitch or quilt.




Ornamental Fiesta

Perez.Judy,FiestaOrn3Featured in Quilting Arts 2007 Holiday Gifts Magazine.

You’ll love making these fun, festive ornaments inspired by Mexican folk
art…and learn lots of decorative techniques in the process!You’ll
paint, do a little quilting and decorative stitching, sew metal and do some beautiful decorative embossing. You’ll leave with a wonderful ornament and the inspiration to put the pedal to the metal and stitch lots more at home.


Heavy Metal Play Day

hvymetal newSpend a day working with craft metal and discover a variety of ways you can add flash to your mixed media projects.

Learn multiple embossing techniques to create beautiful designs with dimension and texture on aluminum and copper metal. Several methods for enhancing metal with color using alcohol inks and markers will also be explored in this fun and relaxed class.


Magical Metal Altars

magical altarSee how easy it is to emboss and stitch metal, work with textile paints and use decorative stitching and quilting to create a beautiful festive altar inspired mixed media textile art piece for display.





Perez teaching


January 24-26 East Bay Heritage Quilters
Jan 24 Tea & Ephemera
Jan 26 Tsukineko Inks, Lecture: It’s all in the process

Feb 5-7 Common Threads Quilt guild, Hanford, CA Tea & Ephemera

March 4-5 private class Amador County, CA

March 14-16 Quilters Connection, Watertown, MA
10 Techniques with Acrylic Inks

March 17-22 NYC personal trip

April 10-12 Hudson River Valley
Acrylic Ink Adventure

April 21-22 Quilt Guild of Greater Houston
Lecture TBA
Tea & Ephemera

June 3-4, 6-8 Rocky Mountain Creative Quilters
2 day Workshop 10 techniques with Acrylic Inks
Lecture 10 TBA

August 5-7 Charlotte Quilters guild, Charlotte, NC
Tsukineko Inks
Ornamental Fiesta

August 8-10, Rutherford Quilt Guild, Rutherfordton, NC
Painting imagery with textile paints

Mid-late August 2 week New England road trip

Oct 7, 8 Pacific Piecemakers Quilt Guild, Gualala, CA
2 day Workshop 10 techniques with Acrylic Inks
Oct 9 Lecture: Inspiration

Oct 27-Nov 1 International Quilt Festival, Houston
Oct 28 Painting with Tsukineko All Purpose Inks -6 hours
Oct 29 8 am Lecture: It’s All in the Process-Everything you learn when things go wrong
Oct 29 3-5 pm Mixed Media Miscellany: Collaging on Fabric with Printed Tissu-Tex paper
Oct 30 Tea & Ephemera -6 hours
Oct 31 10 Techniques with Acrylic Inks -6 hours


April 12-14 Focus on Fiber
3 day retreat Acrylic Inks adventure

last week in April Omaha, NE


Update: at this time, I am only booking teaching engagements through July 2016.
After that I will be taking a 2 year break from my regular teaching schedule, and only book limited engagements during Fall 2016 – Spring 2018. 

 I would love to teach in your neck of the woods, please drop me a note in the box below and I’ll send you information on classes and scheduling.