8 of Cups progress

I have been really loving spending time stitching! There are some other things I really should be doing, but I am feeling so in the groove right now, I don’t want to stop.

I decided to continue using monofilament for stitching the feathery flourishes since I do not want to obscure this part of the painted surface with lines of thread and because the monofilament is relatively clear, the more noticeable holes punched by the needle through the fabric gives another kind of visual patterning that I think is kind of interesting.

Next, I’ll begin to fill in the white areas using Bottom Line white thread.

Chicago’s first winter snowstorm today, stay warm.

10 Responses to “8 of Cups progress”

  1. Marijke says:

    Really like THE stitching!

  2. WoolenSails says:

    I can see why you can’t stop, beautiful stitching and I really love the applique shades.


  3. Lisa says:

    With the options outside then stitching is the way to go. 😉 It looks beautiful!

  4. Wonderful results in the closely stitched embellishment and we also have received our first real snowfall today. The high winds and frigid temperatures plus the black ice has kept me indoors to work in my home studio. I am grateful for this particular choice …I can get down my steep driveway but totally doubt to if I could get back up the hill when I get home. :0)! Be safe and stay warm. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  5. susan says:

    as usual….great work! been wondering, where are you going to live if not in chicago/ re: new years photo and caption.

  6. Loralei says:

    Gorgeous piece – I love the texture that the stitching adds!

  7. Lisa Kerpoe says:

    Great detail shots. The stitching is beautiful and really offsets the painted imagery. The texture is exquisite!

  8. cindy shake says:

    Lovely progress! …I don’t think that counts as snow, you can still see pavement, but it’s pretty 🙂 Let me send some of our record breaking snow up here in Alaska your way, I’ve had enough!

  9. Looks amazing! So are you going to use Bottom Line on the top? I use it in the bobbin all the time but never thought about using it on top. I bet that would give a nice, fine stitching detail. Can’t wait to see more!

  10. Frieda says:

    I saw this a few weeks ago and it was amazing. Really enjoying the upclose pictures of the quilting.

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