A day out with my sister

Over the weekend my sister Deb came to visit me from Maine for Thanksgiving. With finances being so tight we haven’t seen each other in 2 years, but a month ago we were able to find a flight on JetBlue for $80 roundtrip from Boston to Chicago to split, so this holiday has even more to be thankful for.

On Sunday we headed over to my favorite local gallery Packer Schopf to see the closing of Brian Dettmers exhibit of incredible carved books. The bonus was getting to meet artist Kathy Halper who also has an exhibit in the gallery this month.

I love Kathy’s work, she does stitched drawings that explore the lives of teens in social media. Her images come from sometimes disturbing and often very humorous posts on facebook dealing with sex, drugs and the loss of privacy and innocence. Her work is so timely and relevant and perfectly executed in neutral colored floss on linen.

After the gallery, we walked over to my favorite coffee shop La Colombe, but had to stop at this dumpster when we saw it’s public service message

Mmmmm hot coffee on a cold afternoon!


6 Responses to “A day out with my sister”

  1. Sue Dennis says:

    You & the koala are inseparable- love it!!

  2. Makes me so happy to see you TWO together!

  3. Terrie says:

    Share your happiness. You both so sweet ! Happy Thanksgiving.

  4. Rita says:

    Love your hat! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  5. I love her stitched portraits also. Happy Thanksgiving Blessings, Mary Helen

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