A taste of Melbourne

tea cupsIf you know me at all, you probably realize that this tea shop T2 was pretty close to nirvana for me. Everything was so beautiful, from the tea pots and saucers (that I wanted every one of) to the amazing endless selection of teas.tea
I also drank lots of excellent coffee, good coffee is a standard thing in Australia, it’s not something you have to go to one of the better coffee shops to get, like here in the states.
flat white
My friends brought me to a wonderful large Italian grocery that had bins of fresh olives for brining. I think if I lived there, I might be tempted to start!olives
Nutella comes in a convenient family size jar too!
Vegemite is a staple in every household. I think it might soon be in mine too, I brought some back with me and in a week my kids have eaten more than half of it.
At my hotel in Melbourne, I loved having fresh passion fruit and yogurt along with my breakfast.breakfast
Since we’re now on the subject of food, let me tell you, I had some fabulous meals!!!squid
My host, Cecile and I ran the gauntlet of restaurants every night on Lygon St. where our hotel was located. It’s block after block of international cuisine with Italian dominating. Each has sidewalk dining with heaters and as you walk past each one the owners try to tempt you to eat at their place. We usually chose based on the best offer. The first night we had two complementary glasses of wine each along with bread, I ordered grilled calamari and was shocked when it was two huge plate sized pieces and another night we got a complimentary bottle of wine and bruschetta.
On our wine tour, (pics of that to come soon) I had the most amazing salmon and pea shoot salad with beautiful purple potatoes. And on another night on Lygon street I had lamp shank with pumpkin and arugula.

You never know who you’ll see dining on Lygon St., this was at a middle eastern restaurant.
This is the delicious lunch Cecile and I had on the day we went to the McClelland museum and sculpture park (pics of that to come too). YUM! and yes, I came back a few pounds heavier!
museum food

While  walking around downtown Melbourne I saw this great installation in Federation Square that reflected the architecture of the building.
IMG_4426 IMG_4427yarn info

I was very impressed by this up and coming artist student exhibit, also at Federation Square.
IMG_4433IMG_4436 IMG_4435

These are a few of the fun things I saw in shop windows.
scissor shirthoselight bulbs


calm latina

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