Art Walk in the Westloop

This weekend was the Fulton Art Walk in our neighborhood. We are so lucky to live in a neighborhood with some great art galleries. When we finished visiting our favorite galleries on Saturday it was late afternoon and getting chilly so we stopped at a coffee shop to get some tea and listened to a great performance art marching band called Environmental Encroachment. Their music is wonderful, it is obvious they have a lot of fun playing music and performing. My son Ty took some video with my camera. This is my first time uploading video to YouTube and posting it on the blog. You have to see the funny shot of our dog Abby who was trying to stay warm in Ty’s sweatshirt while we sat outside the coffee shop.

Environmental Encroachment
is heading to the east coast this month for performances in Boston, New York and Providence.

2 Responses to “Art Walk in the Westloop”

  1. Judy…this is great stuff! Thank you so much for the hook up. After listening to their my space tunes about 5 times, I’ve decided I was born about 30 years too soon. Love it! Love the color theory class too. I’ve learned SO much. With the exercises everything you’ve taught is really cemented in my brain.

  2. Susan, I am so glad you are finding the color theory class so valuable.

    I loved listening to EE, my son loved it too and asked them if they had a CD and they told us they are having a CD release party at the end of the month. Hopefully they will have a way to buy the CD’s on their website.

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