Asheville, North Carolina

We drove up to Asheville again on the weekend. I had to get in a few of the requisite stops suggested to me, I wish I had time to see them all and sample more of the fabulous restaurants.

In downtown Asheville there is a beautiful historic building with restaurants and artisan shops called The Grove Arcade. Down the street we went into a wonderful craft supply store called Earth Guild, there was an excellent selection of textile paints and dyes, looms, leather working tools, etc. Next door we went into a fun clothing store with lots of things I would love to buy.

A little further down the sidewalk is Woolworth Walk, a renovated Woolworth’s store, now home to 150 exhibiting artists and artisans making and selling jewelery, fine art, decorative art and crafts.

All around Asheville there is a lovely backdrop of mountains surrounding buildings from the 1920’s and 30’s. It is a very picturesque town with such friendly people, we felt so welcome there.The drive east going back down the mountain.

4 Responses to “Asheville, North Carolina”

  1. Glad to hear you loved Asheville and please don’t think we’ve forgotten about you in our fiber arts group-we’re still working on a way to bring you to Asheville!

  2. Jan says:

    I live near Asheville too. It is a great area with lots of things to do. There is literally some for just about anyone. We don’t have the beach but to my mind the mountains rock! (Couldn’t resist the pun) Hope to see you at our Fiber Arts group soon! Please come visit us again soon.

  3. Carol Sloan says:

    Sounds like Asheville has once again welcomed her visitors in a grand manner…

  4. lynda says:

    Black Mt, NC is neat place too- take the kids to Song of the Wood. They make dulcimers and a little triangle instrument that name escapes my mind now. I also enjoy Brea, KY. I didn’t get to go to the artist place at Ashville, but it is so beautiful there.

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