Back from NYC and on my way to Florida

flat iron bldgPhil and I had a fantastic week in New York City. We saw friends, went to museums, ate wonderful food, enjoyed music played by friends and had a great time at the dance performances each night.

I loved the Odd Fellows and Masons exhibit at the American Folk Art museum. I’ve always been drawn to symbolic imagery and handcrafted things and the fact that I also come from a long line of New England Masons makes the organization very interesting.


I always love meeting up with Iris and having a long and chatty brunch when we are in New York. Melly and I met up at City Quilter, where I finally got to meet Teri Lucas after being friends online for years. 

friends in NY

It was super fun to find out on Facebook that my good friend Julie Upshaw (from my old Austin art quilt group) was also coincidently in New York from Dallas with her son checking out colleges.

On Easter, Phil and I took a walk along the Sacramento river and got to see the effects of our El Nino winter. The river is high on its banks and everything is vivid green.sacramento river


I’ve spent the last couple weeks gathering, organizing, packing and shipping supplies to 4 different locations that I’m teaching seven 1-3 day classes over the next month. I think my body’s form of revolt at the idea of this insane schedule was to get violently ill Saturday night and keep me in bed most of Sunday and Monday. Surely it must think it’s the only way to make up for the lack of rest it will get over the next 2 months, because I have 2 more teaching gigs in California right after I get back from my last stop in Wisconsin at the beginning of May, followed by my old room mates wedding at the end of the month.

IMG_4157In the middle of all that I did manage to find some creative time by giving new life to an old pair of clogs, that still have a lot of life left in them (after 15 years) but were stained, dull and looking pretty shabby.

So I pulled out a black Sharpie and drew designs on them, but felt like it wasn’t contrasting enough so I went over the lines with a white sharpie. I’m pretty happy with the results.

little birdies on a line

Next I painted this line of blue birds inspired by a vintage illustration on a coffee filter and added a plant to this Tea & Ephemera inspired quilted fabric collage with acrylic inks.tea moth


I’m off to Florida today, where I get to stay with my good friend Pat who now lives in St. Petersburg. Pat and I used to get together in Chicago as part of a Friday night single gals creative dinner group that met at my old loft.

top photo, left to right: Trish, Erica, April, Pat and me (circa 2009)

chicago dinner party

2014, Pat, Erica, Vivian, Sara, April and me at Pat’s previous home in Evanston.

We started getting together to do projects, but in no time our snacks turned into themed dinners and drinks. We got very creative in our planning and creating these potluck dinners, they were fantastic, and while we noshed and sipped, we bitched, cried, loved and laughed. It was the best! I’m looking forward to seeing Pat again, but I know we’ll be missing all our girlfriends back in Chicago land too.

After I teach 2 workshops with the Tampa Surface Design guild, I’ll be off to New Smyrna Beach for my Acrylic Ink Adventure workshop at Focus on Fiber.

Now for some exciting news!

The teachers have been chosen for Craft Napa 2017

Melissa Averinos, Sue Bleiweiss, Carrie Bloomston, Jamie Fingal, Leslie Jenison, Lyric Kinard, Lynn Krawczyk, Jane LaFazio, Jenny K. Lyon, Me!, Beth St. Hilaire, Melanie Testa, Victoria Findley Wolfe

Registration is due to open at the end of the month! I’ll post more about that soon 🙂

7 Responses to “Back from NYC and on my way to Florida”

  1. I’m very excited about your upcoming classes this weekend for TBSDG.

  2. Joan Wallrich says:

    Hi Judy! I love your clogs, they turned out awesome! I thought I read that you were teaching in WI, but I didn’t see it on your schedule. If you are, can you please give me the details if there is room for more? Thank you! Happy and safe travels!

  3. Sal Miller says:

    Love your two new pieces as well as the updated clogs. I had no idea a white Sharpie Marker would show so clearly, especially on leather.

    Congratulations on teaching gig! What a fun group of creative women!

    • hi Sal,

      thanks, the white sharpie is acrylic and shows up really well on things that are moderately porous. I’ve tried it on fabric and it soaks in quite a bit becoming fairly light but on gessoed canvas, dark colored paper, leather… it seems to work really well.

  4. angie says:

    Can’t wait to meet you Judy and I’m so excited about your classes.

  5. Enjoyed your photos. Have fun in Florida. That is where I grew up!

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