Chicago Antique Market

Sunday, Nina and I walked down to the Chicago Antique Market, it takes place about 8 blocks from where we live on the last weekend of each month from April through September. This is the first weekend I have either been in town for it or did not forget to go and unfortunately it was the last day for this year.

One of the first things that caught my eye was this barrel of large spools of thread from the defunct textile industry of South Carolina, these are about 10 inches long.

I thought the display of thread spools on this old rake head was wonderful.

Check out this little old sewing machine.

I love this old copper tub.

This is Katherine Anne, who makes the best truffles I think I have ever tasted. She had little samples of her truffles and amazing melt in your mouth caramels, you could literally taste a subtle floral essence from the wildflower honey she uses.  I bought a small box of truffles and two single truffles for Nina and I to eat on the spot.

This is what her brochure says:

Katherine Anne has been making decadent confections ever since her childhood on a sustainable Wisconsin farm. Her mother taught her how to use fresh cream from the family’s Jersey cows as well as honey from a nearby farm, to create batches of old-fashioned caramels. 
Katherine-Annes’ Confections are sold locally in Chicago at coffee shops and Wholefoods but you can also order them online here, these are truly a slice of heaven and worth every penny.


We rarely see or hear cicadas downtown, but we saw this guy clinging to a fence post. This is probably the last one we’ll see until next summer.

2 Responses to “Chicago Antique Market”

  1. Melissa P says:

    Looks like great fun! I love those spools on a rake. Thanks for the link for the confections. Another temptation!

  2. The cicada had some shopping to do. 😉

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