Chicago School of Fusing May Birthday Bash

Jane Sassaman and Laura Wasilowski

So if you were unaware, the majority of the Chicago School of Fusing were all born in May. So this means once a year we have to get together for a party to celebrate and it includes many of the top stars of the art quilting world who live in the Chicago area.

Laura interviews Jane about her new book

We started out in Laura’s backyard where Jane showed us her new gorgeous book hot off the press. BTW  there will be a blog hop in July with chances to win a copy of Janes new book.

Laura and Frieda filming Jane
Patchwork Sassaman Style is a beautiful book showing how you can take some simple traditional patchwork patterns and use large print fabrics to create stunning visually complex quilts. Jane’s fabric works especially well because she designs such gorgeous fabric! but really you could use these concepts with any of your favorite fabrics. 

All of our get togethers include a lovely pot luck lunch. I made this unassuming looking cake, that happened to be made with Guinness stout, molasses and fresh ginger! The recipe was just too interesting not to try. I made a cream cheese frosting to top it off and I think it was definitely good enough to make again.

clockwise from left: Emily Parson, Ann Fahl, Anne Lulle, Laura Wasilowski, Barb Vlack, Frieda Anderson and Jane Sassaman

I’m so lucky to have such amazingly talented and wonderful friends.

Emily showed us her latest knitting project and a pic of her newest quilt, it’s gorgeous, it will surely be an award winner!

At the end of a delightful afternoon, I gave Laura a ride back into the city so she could join her husband Steve, he works in my neighborhood, and we ended up grabbing drinks and dinner with a few of Steve’s co-workers in downtown Chicago on a beautiful summery evening.


One Response to “Chicago School of Fusing May Birthday Bash”

  1. LuLu says:

    Howdy and Happy Birthday!

    Looks like a great party. ALthough my birthday is in September, like Jane’s (an old acquaintance), would have loved to be there with you!


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