Flying with Paint and other adventures on Quilting Arts TV

Last week I flew to Cleveland, Ohio to film 4 segments for Quilting Arts TV. I left spring behind in my lovely green back yard


to find winter in Cleveland,


not exactly what I was looking forward too, lol.

Just to let you in on some of the trials of this jet setting artist life; I arrived at the hotel at 9:30 pm, after 12 hours of travel (3 flights and a 30 mile drive in snow), I opened my suitcase to find purple alcohol ink had leaked all over the inside of the plastic container it was in, as well as the interiors of the plastic containers that I had brought for my demo’s, and one of the textile paint bottles had leaked, but luckily it was double bagged and also sealed inside the biggest plastic container. The leaks were probably caused by pressure changes from all those take offs and landings.

The good news was the largest container, I sealed all the paint and inks in, had protected my clothes and quilts from being permanently stained by purple ink. The bad news was the ink had also leaked on my apron for the shoot (not in a good way) and I needed to find a store early in the morning to replace all the ruined containers.

So, bright and early me and my friend Sue Bleiweiss, who was also taping QATV and a new DVD, headed first to the closest grocery store and then to the studios. Sue brushed all the snow off my rental car like a pro, I guess she does that a lot in Massachusetts 😉


My first segment was demonstrating a poured dye technique and luckily fellow guest artist Linda McLaughlin kindly lent me her apron to use on set. (And for the taping we shortened the neck on the apron with a clothespin in the back, hidden under my hair. Which was much better than the big photographers clamp that kept my shirt from a having wardrobe malfunction while taping one my  DVD’s several years ago, lol)


My next segment was creating a colored and stitched metal postcard, using aluminum and alcohol inks, this project is really fun! My Aussie friends will be getting a sneak peak of this when I bring it to Melbourne for a demo at AQC.

metal postcard

The third segment was demonstrating painting smooth gradations of color with textile paint,

painting gradations

and my last segment on dyeing wool felt will run in the following season of QATV.

dyeing wool

It’s hard for me to believe, but I think this now brings my total to 14 appearances on QATV.

It was great to see my good friend Helen Gregory, editorial director at Interweave, in the green room.


IMG_4241After a long trip back I was so happy to be home in sunny California again, sleeping in my own bed, and having coffee on my patio the next morning.

Now I’m in a frenzy preparing for my trip to Australia. I’ll be teaching two classes at the Australasian Quilt Convention, and giving a series of demos throughout the day on thursday and saturday in the Unique Stitching booth, as well as giving the friday night lecture.

Check out the preview magazine and see all of AQC’s planned show events.

9 Responses to “Flying with Paint and other adventures on Quilting Arts TV”

  1. Hi Judy, It was great to meet you. You did much better getting pictures than I did.

    • Hi Linda, it was great meeting you too! I usually think about the fact that I didn’t take photos at the end of the day when everyone’s leaving, lol. It’s not easy to remember to snap a few when you have so much on your mind, unless you see someone else pull out their camera 🙂

  2. Great photos Judy! I didn’t take one photo the entire time I was there! (can I grab a copy of the one of me brushing the snow off the car?)

  3. jeannievh says:

    I can hardly wait for the new season to see you and Pokey. You always get the creative juices flowing and I thank you! Enjoy the sunshine!

  4. Lisa Chin says:

    I am looking forward to seeing all your upcoming appearances. It looks like you have lots of great ideas to share! Thanks so much!

  5. I laughed out loud when I saw your contrasting weather shote! Brrr! Congratulations on racking up so many appearances for QATV! You are a wonderful teacher and I will look forward to seeing all the episodes. I’m interested in how you are doing the poured technique. Perhaps you have a method that is neater than mine!
    Miss you!
    xoxo L
    PS Have a great time in Australia!

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