Getting manic about the metal and having fun embossing it too

anne andrewsOne of the great perks about teaching on the road is that I get to travel to some really cool places and meet wonderful people along the way. When I was in Brisbane I gave a couple lectures to the Queensland Quilters guild and met the lovely woman on the right Anne Andrews at the morning meeting, who informed me that she and a friend were taking a class with me in Houston a couple weeks from then. What a delight it was to see Ann and Jen on my side of the planet just  a few weeks after we me down under.

Mini metal mania wrapped up my week of hands on teaching at festival. Metal classes have been fun class to teach, I mean who doesn’t like shiny things, and then to find out how easy it is to emboss designs  and color it, well what’s not to love…

beetlecrown metal 8 metal 6 metal 5 metal 7 metal 4 metal 1 metal 3 lizard metal 2 sunflower

This was probably the last metal class I’ll be teaching for a while until I find a new metal supplier to work with. Sadly, Walnut Hollow has had to drop their line of metal products, several of the big craft stores dropped their account, maybe a competitor gave them a better deal? and with out that volume they could not keep producing product.

This saddens me a great deal because Walnut Hollow has been a fantastic company to work with, very generous with supplies for my students over the years, giving them excellent quality free tools in every class, keeping costs way down. Not many companies are that easy and wonderful to work with.

So for now my metal classes are on hold, until I find another supplier for tools and metal. Hopefully it won’t be too long before I can offer them again.

One Response to “Getting manic about the metal and having fun embossing it too”

  1. Lisa Chin says:

    That is very sad news indeed! Your students work is beautiful! I hope you are able to find another supplier or that Walnut Hollow picks up more accounts and is able to supply you again!

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