Gone to Carolina

The first class I taught in Charlotte was Tsukineko inks.

tsukineko octo

tsu anna

tsu snail

Wonderful students and wonderful work!
tsu grp

After class my host Debbie Langsam (right) and I drove to Moorseville to have dinner with my friend Karen Newman Fridy (left), who I first met about 7 years ago when my ex was working in Winston-Salem.IMG_2344
We had a delightful time catching up, I think the last time Karen and I saw each other was 4 years ago when she brought me to Winston-Salem to teach.


The second class I taught for the Charlotte guild was Ornamental Fiesta.


I love this class and unfortunately I can’t teach it very much since I haven’t found a replacement source for the metal scrim I use for the ornaments, since the vendor I worked with dropped their line of metal products, but luckily, I have a stash on hand, so I can still teach it a few more times.

FO Anna

This is such a fun class because students get a little lesson on painting on fabric,

FO bird

then learn how to create the stitched  part of the ornament and then how to cut, stitch and emboss the metal.
The ornaments all came out so beautifully! I think there’s definitely some new converts to stitching metal 🙂

The fascinating thing I learned about my host Debbie Langsam, is that she is an academic mycologist, which means she’s an expert on mushrooms! And she volunteers as an adjunct curator at the Schiele museum of Natural History, and I was lucky enough to be in Charlotte on Wednesday when she goes into work IMG_0542so I got to look through drawers of insects, vials of spiders in alcohol, trays of shells and microscopes looking at fungal spores. I loved it!!! and those guild members thought I would want to go to the gargantuan fabric store in Gastonia! LOL

Debbie is also a talented art quilter who uses a unique technique for creating photo mosaic collage quilts, that uses hundreds (thousands?) of tiny photos in a gray scale that are in keeping with the subject matter of her quilt, to create a large photorealistic image.

Debbie Langsam

close up detail on right



After my ornaments class on friday finished up, I was driven up to the mountains to Rutherfordton to teach Painting Imagery on Fabric with Textile Paints on Saturday at a very small guild.IMG_2377
We had such a lovely relaxing day. One of the wonderful benefits of teaching to a small group of 10 or less people is the amount of individual attention I can give, without feeling rushed squeezing in all the demos and not having adequate time to spend with everybody.
painting tulip

painting tulip 2

painting lotus

Everyone did amazing work!

sandy and me

It was such a delight to spend Sunday wandering in and out of artist studios and galleries in Asheville with Sandy Chambers, who I have to thank for bringing me to this neck of the woods to teach.
IMG_0540Asheville is just one of those magical places, that is so filled with creativity and interesting places, set in a gorgeous location. I absolutely love it there.

This is the creek at the foot of Chimney Rock, and coming from California it just looks so green and lovely!IMG_2392

In my mind I’m goin’ to Carolina
Can’t you see the sunshine
Can’t you just feel the moonshine
Ain’t it just like a friend of mine
To hit me from behind
Yes I’m goin’ to Carolina in my mind

-Lyrics: James Taylor

Thank you North Carolina, hope I get back to you again some day soon! Now it’s time for me to fly off to New England.

8 Responses to “Gone to Carolina”

  1. Margaret says:

    Wonderful paintings Judy. You are so amazing and you continually inspire me. Love to see you in New Zealand some time to teach. I would be first on the list for that.

  2. Karen says:

    Next trip this way book in a couple of extra days and come hang out at my house…guest room is always open! It was such fun catching up!! (red ball!! giggle!) 🙂

  3. DorothyB says:

    Thank you for coming to North Carolina. It was a wonderful learning experience. I really want to take more of your classes!

  4. Mary Jo G. says:

    Got to get you back to the Hudson Valley in New York to teach this class!!
    Miss you

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