Growing pains

I think it’s important to keep growing, learning, honing skills and expanding ones repertoire. The hard part is how all encompassing it can sometimes feel.

I’ve been very busy with several projects that unfortunately I can’t really talk about. One is an art quilt entry for an exhibition, and the rest are projects and prep work for QATV, that I’ll be flying out to do in another week. Then a couple weeks after that I’ll be flying to Australia to teach, demo and give a lecture at the Australasian Quilt Convention. It’s all very exciting but a bit stress inducing as well.

Recently I wanted to sit down to paint for fun, it’s seems like I’ve had so few opportunities to do that lately. I took photos as I worked this time so I could share the process with you.


I began with an 11″ x 14″ piece of chipboard from the back of a sketch pad that I glued a page from an old textbook and several paper images to using matte gel medium.


Next I used transparant based textile paints to glaze some colors over the paper images.

I used a ball point pen to draw a plant growing out of a tea cup.


I used white paint as an undercoat for the background and the flower bud.growth5

I painted red on the flower bud and on the cup allowing some of the yellow from underneath to show through. I also painted a red outline around the plant, before painting the robins egg blue background.

By having the red outline it helps the green plant to pop from the blue background.
Then I added a few black and white images printed on abaca paper. The nice thing about the printed abaca is the paper becomes transparent when glued with matte medium. I added a shadow beside the cup with washes of purple paint thinned with water. Next I painted some darker blue green paint with a dry brush so it would have more texture (brush strokes) around the outside edges of the painting.


Using red paint I outlined the letters for the word ‘Growth’

I painted the inside of the letters in yellow-orange, but then I decided to change it to blues and greens, so I painted white over the yellow to keep the blues and greens brighter.

Finished Painting

By the way, the ‘Early Pay Discount’ deadline for my Acrylic Ink Adventure– 3 day Summer workshop at Idyllwild Arts has been extended until this friday, March 22. If you mention my name when you call to register you can receive 10% off all workshop fees and housing 951-468-7265.

8 Responses to “Growing pains”

  1. Stephanie Hobson says:

    This is lovely Judy, but no surprise there… all of your work is beautiful. Thank you for the step-by-step.

  2. Rowan says:

    Thanks for sharing your process and the conflict we all we seem to experience of work vs work. That work vs this work. You have reminded me today to take the time to work on “my” work. Lovely painting by the way.

  3. Lisa Chin says:

    Once again Judy, you have created a fabulous piece of work! Thanks for sharing how you made it. You constantly inspire me!

  4. I love your work and glad you were able to do something for you. Get lots of inspiration in Austrailia.

  5. So lovely. Your work always inspires me, Judy!

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