Happy Birthday Deb

This box should be coming to your door any day now.
My sister has a thing for bees, so I had a great time searching google images for crazy pics of bees to glue on to this package. I found a movie poster for Invasion of the Bee Girls, an old newspaper masthead, chinese postage stamps with bees and Chairman Mao, and a photoshopped bee with a snarling cat head. All perfect for my sisters twisted sense of humor. Then I filled in some bare spots with paint, miscellaneous scraps and local gallery business cards. When the UPS sticker went on top of the box it completed the collage.

4 Responses to “Happy Birthday Deb”

  1. PaMdora says:

    I love this package — wonderful!

  2. Karen says:

    the box alone is a wonderful gift! Very very cool!

  3. Sandy says:

    Judy, that box is even a work of art. I wonder how she is going to get inside without destroying it?

  4. she went through the bottom of the box 🙂

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