I guess it’s no surprise I love painting with acrylic inks and I love sharing what I’ve learned with my students!


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and it’s so gratifying to know that the people I teach feel that too. Thank you Rocky Mountain Creative Quilters for inviting me to beautiful Colorado so I could share my passion for painting with you! 🙂


I was very happy to see a nice review of my 10+ Techniques with Acrylic inks book in Quilting Arts magazine this month too! 🙂

QA review



Which is a perfect prelude to me sharing photos from the 2 day acrylic inks workshop with the Art Focus quilt group in Modesto a few days ago.

Just to give you an idea of how much stuff I bring to this workshop when I drive, this is my trunk before I left: a 55 pound suitcase, a box of inks, 5 quilts, a 10 pound stack of samples, and a bunch of other supplies.trunk
by the way my clothes are in a small bag on the back seat ,-)

We had 2 wonderful days of: technique demo’s, painting wet fabric, dry fabric, scrunching, dripping, sponging, folding, wrapping, stamping, layering, exploration, laughter and happy accidents.
In the photo above, Sue Siefkin soaks up left-over ink from her paint tray with a piece of cotton fabric. I always encourage my students to use all that beautiful pigment left behind in the tray on a spare piece of white fabric, it can make the most beautifully textured colorful fabric.

Cathie Hoover generously shared her pool house with the group for the location of the class. Plastic tarps were taped down to the floor and all the tables were wrapped as well, so when everything was removed it was nice and clean at the end of the day friday.


The delicious lunches were organized pot luck style each day amongst the students and we ate under the cool shade of tall oaks and redwoods.

sues lunch photo

photo courtesy of Sue Siefkin

acrylic inks10
Ann Ursula shibori

Acrylic inks3

I was thrilled the Art Focus group let my dear friend MaryRose join the class, since she was on summer break from her job teaching art and music at a private middle school in Los Angeles.
maryrose Acrylic inks6 angie
Acrylic inks1

Acrylic inks2

Acrylic inks5

class space


Acrylic inks7

Acrylic inks8

Acrylic inks9
Acrylic inks4
I want to give special thanks to my delightful and talented host Penni Barger, who opened her house to both me and MaryRose for our two nights at the retreat. While Penni’s husband John cooked us fabulous dinners, the three of us gals drank wine, laughed and talked non-stop and I can’t believe none us had the good sense to snap a photo! Well, that just goes to show how wrapped up we were in the moment.

I am so inspired by the formidable strength of women when we share our stories!

Here’s to strong women. May we know them. May we be them. May we raise them.

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  1. peaceful says:

    Perfect setting, beautiful fabrics and obviously a really fun learning experience.

  2. […] This is just a sampling of the kind of creative fun we have in my workshop, I’d love to see you there, and as a bit of an insider, I know this retreat is going to be a blast!!! […]

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