IQA Auction

This is my piece for the IQA silent auction in Houston this year. It is painted hand dyed silk. 17″ x 17″

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Flowing. Stunning.

  2. says:

    While taking an online class w/Lily Kerns, she referred us to your website for examples of great underwater scenes. Boy, she found the best in you! Incredible! I have a questions for you: do you do your own quilting? It’s so even, I wondered if it was done via long-arm or regular sewing machine.

  3. Sonji Hunt says:

    Oh, the color is spectacular.
    So is the composition.
    So is the quilting.

  4. I do my own quilting on a regular sewing machine. I have a bernina 1630 and an older model Pfaff creativa, I am forgetting the model number at the moment. They both free motion beautifully, and have features that i like on each. I often bounce between the two. The Pfaff handles metallic threads much better though.

  5. Looks just like the macrocystis that I would see along the beaches and in the Pacific Ocean…off the Monterey, CA coastline…when I lived in that area! Your piece is beautiful (as well as your other ones. I saw the article about you in Quilting Arts Magazine recently and was so impressed with ‘Graven Images’.

  6. cfent says:

    wow judy! this pieces is spectacular!
    good luck with unpacking!

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