It’s all in the details

As deadlines loom closer and I get ready to go out of town next week, I realize I need to finish up a couple things before I go. Like painting the seeds on the pomegranates, I don’t know how I missed doing this when I was painting the quilt, but about a week after I finished I realized I had forgotten to paint them.

I think the detail of adding the seeds gives the pomegranate that extra little sparkle.

I finally figured out how to take good close up photos with my camera, I had not realized you can set it to manual macro. The pictures were always blurry with the auto macro setting. So Here are a few detail shots of moths on Arbol de Vida. These are about one and a half inches across in size.

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  1. Marty52 says:

    It’s really all in the details, isn’t it? These really sparkle now!

  2. Marie M says:

    I just love your painted quilts. I have begun painting mine too. At least I’m working on it. Do you ever do workshops? Congrats to your son too! You must be very proud!

  3. I’m just beginning to book workshops a year or two out. I have been waiting until my kids were older to start. So I am starting out slow and will build up to teaching more in a couple years.

  4. Yen says:

    they are very nice, are these for selling Judy?

  5. Ilove this. I am new to all of this and yours is the first one I have seen. What a joy!

  6. TALENT LIKE YOURS BLOWS MY MIND!!! You are incredible, I can not put into words how beautiful and incredible your work is … please tell your son that he is extreemly talanted – WOW WHAT A GIFTED FAMILY!! (what ever water you guys are drinking – please can you bottle it and pass it on to me!!!)

  7. Beautiful! I’m so excited about your blog and your work and your family!


  8. Nirmala says:

    Just beautiful work. I used to live in Chicago and was just there. Love the city, just love it. Chicago is home to some very fine artists, including yourself!

  9. Amazing work. I am new to quilting, this is inspiring.

  10. Ivy says:

    Love your butterfly`s on the quilt. I`ve never heard of painting quilting before. It looks so beautiful.

  11. wow I am overwhelmed by so many nice comments. I guess being posted on bloggers main page really gets some attention. Thank you, thank you.

    Yen, right now i am not trying to sell my work. I am mostly making quilts and entering them into shows. I don’t make a lot of quilts, usually one big one a year and work on other small projects in between.

  12. cani says:

    so marv! the butterflies, especially, are dazzling.

  13. StoreX™ says:

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  14. What great work you do. A really enjoyable blog. The mixture of your craft, family and inforamtion captured my attention.

  15. Dear Judy,

    Could you comment on your knitting and especially the book art album?

    Do you paint in blank books? Some pages seemed to have print under the pictures. Do you use holy picture cards or photos in the compositions?

  16. Irene, the best way to answer your question about the altered books is to direct you to the post where I originally blogged about the book with the madonna on the cover. it is in the Feb 2006 archive
    just scroll down the page until you come to the altered book posts.

    Knitting is something I have grown to love over the last few years. I have a hard time sitting and not doing something with my hands and it is the perfect portable project. Can’t get too far with a sewing machine. While homeschooling the kids there are many times I am sitting around while they are in a class or at a park day, so i knit while I chat with the other moms. I feel more productive and it is very calming. I love feeling the yarn in my hands and making something beautiful that I can wear.

  17. I totally agree. You have beautiful artwork and the detail is what makes it so stunning. Bravo!

  18. anita says:

    Amazing quilts and gorgeous artwork. would you mind commenting on what type of paint you use to paint with? and also, if you are doing workshops, when? where?


  19. Anita,

    I primarily use jaquard textile paints and also pebeo setacolor paints. I am just starting to book workshops so am not scheduled too many places right now. only naperville IL-2008 and glendale CA-2008

  20. Nabeel says:

    awwww @ butterflies .. how cool .. and the design is wonderful 🙂 I love the second butterfly, especially the color combinations on the upper wings.

  21. muirneg says:

    Just beautiful …

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